A first-class hum and more from Tom Brosseau

A character in a Tom Brosseau song doesn’t just cry — he wipes his eyes with his tie. Such details magnify the beauty in Brosseau’s precise performing

Sisters apply elegant harmonies to eclectic song mix

It’s been said that something mystical distinguishes the harmonies forged by siblings from those of ordinary mortals, and nothing Shelby Lynne and Allison Moorer have sung together

Lukas Nelson delivers soulful, striking songs

First, let’s just get this out there: Lukas Nelson sounds a lot like his famous dad, the red-headed stranger better known as Willie Nelson. Secondly, don’t

Kesha, free at last, shines brighter than ever on ‘Rainbow’

There’s a beautiful way that Kesha delivers the screeching high note near the end of “Praying,” the first single from her first album in five years, “Rainbow.”

Canadian artist Mappe Of charts new, ethereal course

A Canadian artist who spent time busking in Australia and playing heavy metal with his friends has taken his work in an ethereal new direction. The result

Dan Wilson revisits his hits for Adele, John Legend

Dan Wilson helped write that tune? And that one, too? If you still read album credits or liner notes, you may find Wilson’s name attached to some

Alice Cooper (and old mates) go old school on ‘Paranormal’

It’s the middle of summer, but school is back in session as Alice Cooper teaches us how it’s done. In fact, the shock-rock godfather literally goes

On third album, Foster the People finds the right mix

It hasn’t always been easy to be Foster the People. Making sophisticated pop with thoughtful lyrics in danceable, candy-coated hooks is like being a character actor trapped

Bedouine’s debut is hushed, haunted, delicate wonder

Bedouine is Azniv Korkejian’s alias and the title of her debut. It’s a hushed, haunted, delicate wonder — a collection evoking 1970s singer-songwriters which pairs her thoughtful

Steve Earle revisits his roots in all the best ways

Steve Earle bills his new album as the philosophical heir to "Guitar Town," and the DNA connecting it to that landmark 1986 record can't be missed. Texas-

Roger Waters comes out angry, focused on ‘Life’

Two things are clear after listening to “Is This the Life We Really Want?” — the first rock album in 25 years from Pink Floyd co-founder

‘CHUCK’ is a fitting farewell from pioneer Berry

Nearly three months after Chuck Berry left the stage, here’s his entertaining encore. “CHUCK” might even be Berry’s best album. While his hit singles in

‘Transient Lullaby’ filled with beautiful harmony

Music in marriage is especially mellifluous these days. Whitehorse, Tennis and Little Silver are among the couples turning quality couplets. And then there’s Chris Masterson and

Maroon 5’s PJ Morton thrives on new solo album

PJ Morton may be the keyboardist for pop-rock band Maroon 5, but he returns to his New Orleans musical roots on his new solo album. Morton,

Rogue + Jaye debut ‘Pent Up’ is graceful, expressive

Zach Rogue and Courtney Jaye express themselves just fine on their debut, sprinkling “Pent Up” with a little indie dust over a graceful mix of pop, country

Trombone Shorty album displays another growth spurt

Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews reinforces his commitment to New Orleans on “Parking Lot Symphony,” a rich, energetic collection of funk, R&B, and even dirges and pop. As

Davies relays his ‘Americana’ experience in song

Think of “Americana,” the first release of new material from former Kinks frontman Ray Davies in nine years, as a musical memoir of sorts. It’s

Angaleena Presley affirms her renegade status

Angaleena Presley has earned her place in the resistance to the formulaic vibe that rules Nashville these days. On her new album, “Wrangled,” she cements it with

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