Gunn adds intimacy to guitar-led folk-rock album

Steve Gunn has teamed up with stellar musicians over the years, from Kurt Vile to Michael Chapman, and his own albums — little gems like “Time Off,”

Eddie Palmieri’s latest will move you to dance

It might be the winter season for the U.S., but Eddie Palmieri brings the sunshine and warmth with his latest album, “Mi Luz Mayor.” The Spanish Harlem,

Mellencamp puts fearless touch on American classics

In his youth John Mellencamp was known to be cocky. That brashness carried him to the big stage, where he became a stadium- scale rocker with an

LP, diminutive singer with big voice, lays it out

There’s a reference to shape-shifting tucked into the lyrics of “When I’m Over You,” the second song on LP’s new album, “Heart to Mouth,” and it didn’t

Van Morrison’s latest finds him in relaxed, swinging groove

The first thing longtime listeners to Van Morrison will notice is the lack of angst — his 40th studio album is missing the usual complaints about the

The 1975’s new album is proof they can do it all

The English band the 1975, practitioners of some of the smoothest electropop in recent memory, have delivered another gem with “A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships,” the

Michael Bublé makes return to standards on ‘love’

Wen people claim they are stepping away from it all to spend more time with their family, it’s usually a front. When Michael Buble said he’d do the same,

Ed Harcourt shuns lyrics, emanates calm on new album

One of the recurring themes in Ed Harcourt’s career has been his stylistic breadth, his affinity for stretching wide the musical variety on his albums within the singer-songwriter

Laura Jane Grace goes on a thrilling sonic side road

The words just tumble out of Laura Jane Grace on her new album, a torrent of thoughts, observations and memories from one of rock’s most charismatic figures. The Against

Faithfull digs deep on ‘Negative Capability’

Marianne Faithfull is a great musical survivor. She went from pure-voiced chanteuse of “As Tears Go By” to emblem of 1960s drug excess before re-emerging in 1979

Cash’s ‘She Remembers Everything’ finds her ambition intact

Rosanne Cash brings in a fair share of collaborators on her latest album, both for songwriting and singing. T Bone Burnett, Elvis Costello, Kris Kristofferson, Sam Phillips,

Channeling Zep, Greta Van Fleet keeps ‘70s-style rock alive

There’s a whole lotta Led Zeppelin in Greta Van Fleet, but they haven’t yet found their Stairway. On its debut album, “Anthem of the Peaceful Army,”

Frehley ready for 3rd trip through space with Kiss

Ace Frehley may or may not be returned to the fold when Kiss launches their (second) farewell tour next year, but whatever the result, he sure sounds

Elvis Costello views misery on sumptuous ‘Look Now’

Like in “Anna Karenina,” the characters in “Look Now,” Elvis Costello’s sumptuous new album with The Imposters, are each unhappy in their own way. A woman

Rod Stewart nostalgic on varied ‘Blood Red Roses’

Nostalgia has been a focal feature of Rod Stewart’s songwriting even as far back as 1971’s “Maggie May,” and some of the best tunes on “Blood Red

Nile Rodgers returns with Chic to make us boogie

The cover of the new Chic album might be familiar. Does anyone else vaguely recognize the image of two models gazing seductively into the camera fiddling about

Underwood struggles to get personal on ‘Cry Pretty’

For the first time in her career, Carrie Underwood took over co-producing duties on her new album, “Cry Pretty,” and co-wrote nine of the 13 tracks. But

Alejandro Escovedo’s passions elevate ‘The Crossing’

Drawing up a family tree of Alejandro Escovedo’s lengthy career results in a small forest with branches spread out across punk, rock and alt-country. Now 67, he’s

Engaging pop potpourri from Aaron Lee Tasjan

When performing on a cruise ship, Aaron Lee Tasjan has been known to play New York Dolls music that sends listeners fleeing for the exits. The amusing

Iron & Wine retains intimacy on 6-song ‘Weed Garden’

For fans of Iron & Wine, it’s Christmas in August. “Weed Garden” is a six-track EP including songs written by Sam Beam mostly while working toward his

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