Our Desk | The young crusaders

For almost two weeks, tens of thousands of Hongkongers – many of them students – have descended onto the streets to peacefully protest China’s limitations on the first-ever direct elections

Rear Window: Be prepared

1. As we write this column, unaware of the key players in Chui Sai On’s second team of secretaries, we have to rely on President Xi Jinping’s political endorsement. This

China Views | Why Shanghai won’t replace Hong Kong anytime soon

If there’s any likely winner from China’s unprecedented clampdown on Hong Kong, it’s Singapore. All the tiny city-state needs to do to attract the giant banks, hedge funds and multinational firms

Our Desk | Don’t be lazy, be an atheist

For the majority of us it is very easy to be comfortable with a set of beliefs or an ideology that we would rather defend than question. I am not talking

Bizcuits | Are you being served?

Governance is often not well understood by the average man on the street but what we frequently take for granted in the structure and norms of organisations are mechanisms to

Vox Parva | Some thoughts on Pope Francis’ invitation to President Xi Jinping

I once commented upon Pope Francis’ vision at the beginning of 2014. I said that the Pope foresaw that the Church “is not an institution to punish, but instead to

Our Desk | Breaking up is hard to do

It’s not only teenagers and twentysomethings who like to post their relationship status on Facebook. Countries are doing it too. Last week’s Scottish referendum caught the attention of parodists who

Our Desk | A taxi issue

We have all had a taxi horror story in Macau. Some are laughable and come in handy when entertaining and amusing friends who have never set foot here, or are

Rear Window | The long goodbye!

The PRC’s State Council – under Premier Li Keqiang – has appointed Chui Sai On as the next Macau Special Administrative Region Chief Executive. Chui received nearly 96% of the

Kapok | In praise of the vouchers

Let me be honest: at first I was more than doubtful about what I was reading, and one could even say that I started looking deeper into the matter with

World Views | Credit gets you a flat-panel TV, not economic growth

It’s pretty obvious how credit drives my personal household consumption. If I borrow, I can get a nice big TV and a new car, but eventually I’ll have to skimp

World Views | Diabetes threatens China’s ‘growth and stability’

China is now home to a quarter of the world’s diabetes sufferers. That amounts to more than 100 million people - nearly 12 percent of the population. And according to

World Views | Scots aren’t the only angry ones wanting autonomy

This week’s referendum in Scotland could result in the U.K. losing almost one-third of its landmass, and 8 percent of its population, and, very likely, its present prime minister. In

Insight | China and Japan must be on good terms

We live in times where tensions in the Asia-Pacific region are rising, particularly between China and Japan. This year marked Macau’s first time at the memorial ceremonies remembering China’s victory


There’s no doubt about it, my behaviour feels more controlled in Macau than in most places I’ve been. Not that I’m much of a wild thing, but it would have

HK OBSERVER: Pandora’s Box

From the perspective of Beijing there seems to be no going back from the National People’s Congress Standing Committee’s recommendations for universal suffrage for the 2017 Chief Executive election here.

VOX PARVA: Poorest of the poor

How would you define poor? If we opt for an international standard, economic data will help us to draw a poverty threshold. Theoretically, we can collect the statistics to find

Rear Window: Source code

Occupy Central member Benny Tai Yiu-ting’s admission of an objective defeat regarding the 2017 full democratic electoral method, and the corresponding victory of the National People’s Congress by their refusal

Kapok: Hong Kong and us

The recent debate over universal suffrage for the 2017 election of the Chief Executive in Hong Kong, and the much anticipated ruling made by the National People’s Congress (NPC) last

World Views: This Is what your brain might look like on telepathy

Big news in the world of science and technology: Scientists just invented a form of telepathy. Actually, it’s a form of noninvasive electronic brain-to-brain communication. The transmission side is pretty

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