Our Desk: Psychology 101

Last week one of the news stories coming out of China that caught my attention was a rather shocking report that officials in Karamay City in Xinjiang have banned people

Rear Window | TUI cum laude

The ruling that the MSAR’s Court of Final Appeal (TUI) made on the negative answer that the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau gave the Open Society in response to their

World views | Ebola: The Economics of Infection

Ebola is a truly frightening disease, with a fatality rate as high as 95 percent (although the death rate in the current outbreak in West Africa is only 55-60 percent).

World Views: An income cap might not be as crazy as it sounds

Concern about rising wealth and income inequality has generated all kinds of solutions, often focused on improving the lot of the people at the bottom with measures such as minimum

World Views: Why Emerging World Leaders Are So Like Putin

The leaders of some of the biggest developing nations - China, India, Turkey, South Africa - are increasingly acting like Russian President Vladimir Putin. It may be that democracy as

Our Desk: Can you “falar”?

In her blog, former Legislative Assembly (AL) president Susana Chou has spoken about her experience of being, somehow, discriminated against by others because she can speak Portuguese. Ms Chou said that

Insight: ‘Gasosa’ – The impact of corruption

Whilst travelling across around 800 km of Angolan roads, I noticed that one of the most effective “services” in Angola is the police roadside stop-checks. In a country waking up

WORLD VIEWS: Portugal should allow BES to fail

Back in August 2008, as the credit crunch was really starting to bite, Tim Price, director of investments at PFP Wealth Management in London, had this to say: A banking

Bizcuits: How lucky

Many expatriates and foreign residents come to the point early in our stay where we have to make a decision about hiring domestic help.  My problem wasn’t so much about

HK Observer: Rigged elections and rigged petitions

Gosh, a million signatories claimed, so far, in a petition against Occupy Central, including the Chief Executive compared to over 700,000 in the pro-democracy poll. So if so many voted

Vox Parva: The torch relay continues with a prayer

After one year of deaconship, on 3:30pm of July 12, 2014, Deacon Cyril Jerome Law, Junior. is ordained to be a priest, presided by Bishop of Macau Jose Lai, and

Politics is the art of compromise

The Legislative Yuan began a two-week extra session on Monday to review the qualifications of 29 candidates nominated to the Control Yuan and two high-profile bills – one to

Our Desk: The fall of House News

forms yesterday. For the Chinese-speaking community, especially people in Hong Kong and Macau, the House News is a popular (online) media that updates people about current events and happenings in

Rear Window: Virtuous cycle, vicious cycle

If we take as a given the alleged overall dissatisfaction over the Chief Executive’s performance, there is a fair possibility that no matter who would be invited to advise on

World Views: Putin stays on offense in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin might be expected to hunker down into defense mode as he is besieged by accusations of Russian involvement in the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.

World Views: Why I’ll soon be flying again on Malaysia Airlines

How grim can it get for Malaysia Airlines? Earlier this week the carrier announced that it’s offering no-questions-asked refunds or postponements on all tickets valid for travel in 2014 -

Kapok: Drawing the line

I must admit it is often tricky to “draw the line between academic research, political commentary and direct political intervention”—to quote my former employer, and for sure, the easiest way

World Views: Even KFC’s chicken isn’t safe from China

Last year, as KFC’s China operations reeled from allegations in late 2012 that some its chickens contained high levels of antibiotics, Yum! Brands Inc. – the restaurant chain’s parent company

World Views: Does the world still need the World Bank?

There will always be a need for a World Bank, which celebrates a birthday of sorts this week. There is no need for a World Bank with more than 10,000

Our Desk: Learning to stop!

Since Israel launched its ground offensive in Gaza last Saturday, the ever-lasting conflict between Israeli and Palestinians has escalated rapidly once more. We’ve seen this before. Over and over again.

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