Kapok: Red card for yellow cabs

The disappearance of the yellow taxis in Macao is saddening. First, because they had become a customary fixture of our daily lives: the Official Gazette reminds us rather aridly that

Hk observer : Plus ça change?

How useful it would be to be able single out, among the many messages coming from China about Hong Kong’s political future, those which really count. And given the massive

Vox Parva: Advice from the Synod on the Family

The Synod on the Family, from October 5 to 19, titled “Pastoral challenges to the family in the context of evangelization”, finally concluded after debating quite a number of controversial

First Impressions: Macau’s record strikes a chord in Kazakhstan

China’s economic growth has been one of the great success stories of the decade. Growth in Macau has been particularly remarkable, with incomes, opportunities and quality of life transformed. Macau’s tremendous

Bizcuits | Multitask, man.

We have long been encouraged to multitask. Parallel activity was supposed to be more productive than activity in series. It certainly works for production lines, and most mums wouldn’t survive

World Views: Obama shouldn’t pivot away from China’s Asia Bank

Take that, Barack Obama! Even if Chinese President Xi Jinping hasn’t uttered these words publicly, that certainly seems like the message of China’s new superbank. On Friday, representatives from 20 other

Our Desk | The power of a protest

Some would say that Hong Kong was on the verge of changing forever on the evening of September 28, when Occupy Central leaders launched a long-awaited civil-disobedience movement that’s still

World Views: Summers adds wrinkle to China’s Hong Kong crisis

Hopes that Hong Kong would one day transform China in its own image now seem foolish and futile. Beijing appears intent on making the former British colony look more like

Insight: The law of the jungle

A recent feature published by The New York Times (“Historic Loss May Follow Rise of Rents in Barcelona,” by Raphael Minder, Oct 19) describes what’s happening in the capital of

Kapok: Paper patriots

Patriotism is a double-edged sword: mustered adequately it becomes a potent mantra for the community to feel more united, but a ponderous and rather superfluous summon can easily devoid it

Hk observer: Beginning the endgame

The protests here have probably changed the political future of Hong. While on the one hand as we have seen by the National People’s Congress Standing Committee decision, a hardened

World Views | Welcome back, Kim Jong Un. Want to talk?

The “Where’s Waldo?” speculation over Kim Jong Un’s six-week vanishing act – was he ill? under house arrest? in a cheese coma? – might have been funny if it hadn’t

Our desk: As if insults ever work

It has been more than 20 days since the Occupy movement in Hong Kong began. Frankly, I only anticipated that it would last for a week, but different incidents that

Rear Window: You run, I follow

As the ‘dust’ settles in Admiralty, Causeway Bay and Mong Kok, pepper spray dissolves into thin air and the umbrella protests come to an end, only to revive again and

Bizcuits: Don’t hold your breath

The gaming industry is big in Asia – we in Macau think we know this. So coming as a shock to those in the know was the fact that Gaming

World Views | China should act as umbrella revolution folds

China has the Great Hall of the People. Hong Kong has the “Great Hall of the Tycoons.”  The above-mentioned phrase was uttered by Briton David Webb on Saturday night as

World Views: China slowdown? Not something to fret about too much

An increasing number of people are afraid that the economic slowdown in China is bad news for the rich economies of the West. Lord Turner, the former head of the

HK Observer: Not time to throw in the towel

Hong Kong is no stranger to massive street protests. The last was in 2003, when half a million people took to the streets to protest the proposed anti-subversion law, required

Insight | A glimpse of the world

The World Press Photo (WPP) exhibition is back in town, having opened on Saturday in Casa Garden. It is a world class exhibition that is featured all over the globe

Kapok | Hong Kong and us

The Occupy Central movement is, of course, about democracy and the rejection of the perceived National People’s Congress’ fool’s bargain of August 31st. The central authorities have decided that that

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