world views: Keep China honest in Hong Kong’s election

How many times does China’s ruling Communist Party have to say that it opposes “genuine choice” in Hong Kong elections before the local democracy movement considers a Plan B? An answer

Vox Parva: Who cares about the mission?

From the very beginning, I wish to make my stance known about the word “mission.” In the simplest sense, we may use a reference from the Oxford Dictionary: “Mission” refers

World Views: Japan plays game of growth roulette with casinos

MGM Resorts is looking over Tokyo’s famed Tsukiji fish market as a site for a giant casino. The jokes, of course, are on the obvious side. More than humor is

Rear window: Political ‘patchwork’

Running solo has its peculiarities. On one hand, the acting Chief Executive has to find time to campaign as if the electoral committee that casts the necessary votes was not

Kapok: The uniqueness of being only one

Elections get me excited, even when one has no real choice and the predictability of the outcome is no less than 100%. This is uncommon, I admit, as what fills

World Views: Why do more men than women really commit suicide?

Robin Williams’s death has brought welcome attention to the very real problem of suicide in the U.S. From 2000 to 2011, suicides increased to 12.3 per 100,000 people from 10.4.

Our Desk: Curious decisions

Attempting to launch an unofficial referendum on universal suffrage, three pro-democratic groups faced another setback this week, as the Court of Final Appeal (TUI) rejected the Open Macau Society’s plea

World Views: London wont be most influential for long

London is the world’s most influential city, according to a study reproduced in Forbes magazine. As a resident of the British capital for a quarter of a century, that’s both

World Views: Africa goes medieval in its fight against Ebola

As the Ebola epidemic claims new victims at an ever-increasing rate, African governments in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia have instituted a “cordon sanitaire,” deploying troops to forcibly isolate the

Bizcuits: The problem with ethics

Talk about ethics in business in Macau and you’re likely to be met with a wry smile and a look that reads “oh, you’re a naïve one, aren’t you.” Elsewhere,

HK Observer: ‘CNN International are commies, and the Brits are hopeless’

The CNN comments were allegedly in an email sent to an advisor of US Senator John McCain, regarding how McCain’s running mate in the presidential electoral campaign, Sarah Palin, should

Vox Parva: ‘Arise, shine’ at Asian Youth day

The 6th Asian Youth day will be hosted in Daejeon, South Korea from today to August 17. According to the Vatican Radio, it will be the Pope’s third foreign journey

Our Desk: Psychology 101

Last week one of the news stories coming out of China that caught my attention was a rather shocking report that officials in Karamay City in Xinjiang have banned people

Rear Window | TUI cum laude

The ruling that the MSAR’s Court of Final Appeal (TUI) made on the negative answer that the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau gave the Open Society in response to their

World views | Ebola: The Economics of Infection

Ebola is a truly frightening disease, with a fatality rate as high as 95 percent (although the death rate in the current outbreak in West Africa is only 55-60 percent).

World Views: An income cap might not be as crazy as it sounds

Concern about rising wealth and income inequality has generated all kinds of solutions, often focused on improving the lot of the people at the bottom with measures such as minimum

World Views: Why Emerging World Leaders Are So Like Putin

The leaders of some of the biggest developing nations - China, India, Turkey, South Africa - are increasingly acting like Russian President Vladimir Putin. It may be that democracy as

Our Desk: Can you “falar”?

In her blog, former Legislative Assembly (AL) president Susana Chou has spoken about her experience of being, somehow, discriminated against by others because she can speak Portuguese. Ms Chou said that

Insight: ‘Gasosa’ – The impact of corruption

Whilst travelling across around 800 km of Angolan roads, I noticed that one of the most effective “services” in Angola is the police roadside stop-checks. In a country waking up

WORLD VIEWS: Portugal should allow BES to fail

Back in August 2008, as the credit crunch was really starting to bite, Tim Price, director of investments at PFP Wealth Management in London, had this to say: A banking

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