CE council completes police expansion bill

The Chief Executive Council has completed the discussion of the bill on the restructuring of the Public Security Police Force (PSP). This bill suggests introducing a third deputy director to the PSP.

The new deputy director will be responsible for immigration affairs.

Moreover, there will be an increase from eight departments and 11 divisions to 11 departments and 26 divisions. The police academy will also be given the status of “department,” as opposed to its previous “division” status.

The three new departments will become responsible for internal supervision, and information. The previous immigration department will be divided into two departments: one responsible for matters of residence and the right to remain of non-locals, and the other responsible for immigration control.

On the Macau Peninsula, three more divisions will be established in order to improve management across the city, consisting of: the southwestern district police division, the northeastern district police division, and the supportive and investigation division of Macau.

Furthermore, in order to support casino operations in the island district and to strengthen security across the island’s areas, the division of island police affairs, the division of island investigation and the division of the police affairs support will be established.

According to PSP Director Leong Man Cheong, the PSP currently has a maximum capacity of 6,027 employees, however the force only has 5,300 employees at the present time.

According to Leong, the PSP is facing a spike in retirees alongside the increased demand for new personnel as 300 positions are to be filled in the new departments and divisions.

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