Covid-19 vaccines | Authorities working on distribution system

Government authorities are currently working on a platform that will ensure the fair distribution of Covid-19 vaccines as soon as they arrive in the region, Dr Alvis Lo, medical director of the Conde de São Januário Hospital said in reply to a media inquiry at yesterday’s press briefing on Covid-19.
According to Lo, the local health authorities are developing a system that will schedule the distribution of vaccines according to priorities established by the government. The official reaffirmed that the number one priority will be residents who are considered high-risk due to their age and the presence of chronic health conditions, followed by residents within the general population.
Lo also noted that the population should remain calm, adding that there will be enough vaccine to meet the needs of the whole population, including non-resident workers who live and work in Macau.
Lo reaffirmed that they will kick off the distribution during the first quarter of this year, but did not specify a tentative date.
Addressing the recent deaths in Norway, the Coordinator of the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Center Dr Leong Iek Hou highlighted that cases of death occurring after receiving a vaccination can have multiple causes and usually only occur due to existing complications.
Nevertheless, Leong said that the local authorities are paying close attention to worldwide developments on the topic. RM

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