CRIME | Casino maintenance worker accused of embezzling HKD270,000

A casino worker in charge of the maintenance of slot machine games is being accused by his employer, a casino operator, of embezzling a total of HKD270,000, the Judiciary Police (PJ) has reported.
The unlawful scheme also involved at least two gamblers from the mainland, the PJ added.
The case was first discovered on January 21, when the casino filled a complaint with PJ reporting unlawful behavior.
According to the casino, the worker, who had access to two keys that are used to maintain the slot machines, was spotted opening the machine and resetting it every time a certain player would lose a large sum of money. When resetting the machine, the worker would return all the credit previously lost to the player.
Since casino security has detected the operation, they have sustained a loss of at least HKD217,513, according to calculations.
The PJ then launched an operation to catch the worker red-
handed. On February 14, PJ officers, together with casino security guards, spotted the man performing the act on two occasions, causing an immediate financial loss to the casino in the amount of HKD12,456.
After being detained and questioned, the 27-year-old local man confessed to the crime.
The PJ also detained the player, who was accused of conspiring with the crime.
Further investigation revealed that there was a second player, also from the mainland, involved in the scheme. However, the PJ has been unable to find him for the time being and suspect that he is not currently in Macau.
The two suspects were referred to the Public Prosecutions Office on February 15 to be charged with the respective crimes.
The PJ spokesperson also noted that the force will continue to investigate the case, determining the whereabouts of the second player as well as others potentially involved in the case.

3 cases of residential
burglary over CNY
The PJ has over the last couple of days reported three cases of burglary occurring in Macau apartment buildings over the Chinese New Year (CNY) holiday.
In total, among the three cases reported, the PJ noted that residents have lost over 430,000 patacas in cash of various currencies, as well as jewelry and watches.
This type of case is not a new phenomenon during the festive season. Thieves take advantage of the fact that homeowners are away to breach their apartments, taking all valuable and easily-traded items.
Regarding the latest reported case, the PJ informed media yesterday that it had detained two men from the mainland suspected of being involved in one of the burglary cases, with the damage amounting to more than 150,000 patacas.
According to the PJ, the two men also entered Macau illegally.

Gambler pretends to
lose stolen money
A man from the mainland who was traveling to Macau with a friend to gamble is being accused of stealing HKD370,000, the PJ has revealed.
The case occurred last weekend, when the two men arrived in Macau to play in the local casinos. After playing for some time, the pair decided to return to their hotel room and take a rest, but when the victim woke up he realized that all his cash (HKD370,000) was missing.
Heading to the casino, he found his friend, who told him that he had taken all the money and lost it at the gaming tables.
After reporting the theft to the PJ, an investigation revealed that the suspect was lying as footage from the casino surveillance system revealed that he had only gambled and lost HKD60,000.
As for the remaining HKD310,000, he had opened an account in the casino where he had deposited the cash in the hopes of retrieving it later.
He is now being charged with aggravated theft.

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