Crime | Elderly man knocked unconscious after anti-smoking comment

A local senior citizen was struck unconscious by two men on Tuesday afternoon inside a Chinese teahouse near the Cinema Alegria after he tried to convince them not to smoke.
The 66-year-old victim was consuming a meal inside the non-smoking café with his daughter at around 5 p.m. while the aggressors, whose identities remained unknown, were smoking at another table.
The victim’s daughter told the police that the aged man merely reminded the pair of the anti-smoking sign, but was met with a squabble that escalated into physical violence against him.
Angered by his alleged “friendly remarks”, one of the men grabbed a bottle and struck it across the victim’s head, resulting in extensive bleeding. He was immediately rushed to the hospital and regained consciousness that night after medical treatment.
The bloody scene prompted immediate shock among other teahouse patrons, while the attackers escaped the scene. A probe is currently underway and no arrests have been made.

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