Crime | Man overstayed in town for nearly 20 years without being caught

The Public Security Police (PSP) recently found a Hong Kong man who had been overstaying in Macau for nearly 20 years without having his illegal status discovered, the department reported during the joint police press conference yesterday.
Besides the Hong Kong man, the police authority also charged a Macau local woman as a co-conspirator.
The 69-year-old Hong Kong man, surnamed Ho, is being put into confinement. Ho is accused of forging documents. The 46-year-old Macau woman, surnamed Ao Ieong, is suspected of illicitly sheltering overstaying people. She is a dealer working at a local casino.
According to PSP, Ho entered Macau back in 2000 and has not left the territory since. When he entered the SAR, he used an authentic ID card issued by the Hong Kong government. However, during 2001, his staying permit granted by the Macau government expired, and he has been illegally staying in Macau since then.
Ho claimed that between 2000 and 2011, he resided in well-known hotels. Ten years after he first entered Macau, he met Ao Ieong, who, later in 2011, became his girlfriend.
Since 2011, the two had been living together in an apartment located at San Ma Lou.
In 2017, due to a health issue, Ho needed to pay a visit to the hospital. This hospital visit motivated him to obtain another ID card through an ID forger.
Ho told the police authority that when he visited the hospital, he had realized that his old (and real) Hong Kong ID was “not working well”. The police authority did not elaborate on what this meant, and only said that Ho’s Macau permit had expired.
Ho paid a document forger 600 patacas for a fake ID that was made in the mainland.
Ho’s overstaying status remained a secret until last week.
On October 8, PSP intercepted Ho during a spot inspection near Kampek Paradise Casino. Ho gave PSP both his ID cards, the old authentic one and the new fake one.
The police officers were able to immediately identify the new ID as fake.
Later, the police officers found Ao Ieong at their apartment. Upon police interrogation, Ao Ieong insisted that she didn’t know anything about Ho’s overstaying status or about the fake ID.
For all these years, Ho remained jobless and a frequent patron of the casinos.

Former teacher took unlocked parked car for a ride
The Public Security Police Force (PSP) has apprehended a Dutch man who took an unlocked car for a ride, the police department reported during the joint police press conference yesterday.
The suspect, known as Holzmann, is a 41-year-old Dutch national who identified himself as a former teacher. He does not have a Macau ID and is currently staying in Macau on his passport.
On October 7, the man spotted a small vehicle parked at Av. da Nave Desportiva. Realizing that the car was unlocked, Holzmann entered the vehicle and drove for a ride to Coloane and other places. He later parked the car at a spot at Dr. Sun Yat Seng roundabout and left the vehicle.
Only the next day did the car owner report to the police authority that someone had stolen his vehicle.
PSP later found the suspect. The Dutch national said that he had entered and operated the car for fun while under the influence of alcohol. He expressed willingness to pay for any damage that might have been caused by his ride. The police authority could not confirm his claim that he was intoxicated. He does not have a legal driving license.
PSP charged the man for causing damage and unlicensed driving.

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