Crime | Robbed while giving information to alleged tourist

A female resident of Macau had her mobile phone stolen while providing assistance to an allegedly lost tourist, the Judiciary Police (PJ) spokesperson said yesterday during a press conference.

The incident occurred last Friday while the woman was waiting to cross the street near the Ponte 16 area.

According to her complaint, she was waiting for the pedestrian traffic sign to change when a person bumped into her, causing her to turn and see a man asking her for information about how to get to St Paul’s Ruins.

After providing assistance to the tourist, he left. She later reached to her pockets and realized that her mobile phone had been stolen.

The complainant believes that the man who asked her for directions robbed her during the interaction. She claimed to the PJ that the phone was worth about MOP5,300. The police are investigating the case.

In a separate case raised at the same press conference by the PSP, the PJ said they caught a woman from the mainland with a fake entry-exit permit form in her possession.

This occurred on the evening of February 8 when the woman was intercepted by an officer on patrol at the crossroads between Rua de Coimbra and Avenida de Sir Anders Ljungstedt in the NAPE area, in front of the PSP’s Police Station.

The officer asked for her identification and she gave him what appeared to be a forged permit.

Further investigation and examination of the records showed that the form was a forgery and that the woman had being overstaying her permit in Macau since August 2017.

She then admitted to obtaining the fake document through a man from the mainland, whom she contacted via the Internet.

The police also found that the passport she handed to the police had expired.

According to the PSP spokesperson, she is being charged with document forgery.

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