Crime | Smugglers lurking at Qingmao Port to enter the SAR


The Judiciary Police (PJ) intercepted a group of three mainland residents trying to illegally enter Macau, the department said yesterday during a special press conference.
Zhuhai’s police department shared intelligence with the Macau police force about an illegal entry arranged for October 14 at the Qingmao Port construction site.
After receiving the information, the PJ identified three suspects and planned an ambush.
At noon on October 14, the PJ intercepted two illegal migrant mainlanders, including 40-year-old Yang. Yang was paid to assist the mainlanders to illegally enter Macau through the Qingmao Port construction site. The other man who was intercepted was one of the smuggled migrants.
According to the PJ, Yang, who is a farmer in mainland China, came to Macau earlier in October. On October 14, Yang was stationed at the construction site to wait for the illegal entrants and prepare necessary items for them.
Yang broke the fences at the construction site between Macau and Zhuhai during lunchtime, taking advantage while there were only a few workers around.
Yang also prepared construction worker outfits and helmets for the illegal entrants so they could be disguised as construction workers.
Each time, Yang charges 12,000 yuan per service rendered.
While Macau’s police authority was staging the ambush, Zhuhai’s police department apprehended the other masterminds behind the people smuggling scheme.
This is not Yang’s first time as the suspect of a crime in Macau. In 2019, Yang was involved in a casino-related fraud case and was banned from entering Macau for three years, meaning Yang was an illegal entrant when he set foot in Macau on Wednesday.
Yang is also suspected of assisting in other human smuggling activities.
The PJ charged Yang with organizing a criminal group, assisting in crimes and illegal re-entry, and has forwarded him to the prosecution authority.
Qingmao Port is currently under construction 800 meters southwest of the Border Gate. Since June 11, 2019, the Macau SAR government has allowed the construction site to operate between the hours of 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. The local government expects the project to be completed by mid-2021.
In the past, the local police authority has also cracked down other human smuggling activities at Qingmao Port.
In October 2019, the PJ intercepted five mainland smugglers at the Qingmao Port construction site. The group of illegal entrants, aged 28 to 33, snuck around the buildings before they eventually entered the site.
In addition to the five, Zhuhai’s police authority also apprehended another four people in mainland China during this operation.
This smuggling group has operated for over a month. The group charged 16,000 to 18,000 yuan per person.

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