Domestic helper secretly gives birth in employer’s bathroom

The Judiciary Police is following up on the case of a woman from Myanmar who abandoned her newborn baby.

The woman, aged 27, works for a local family as a domestic helper. She has been serving this family since last March. However, the worker kept her pregnancy hidden from her employer, who did not notice the woman’s pregnancy because of her body shape.

On Wednesday night, at 8 p.m., while the woman was having dinner with the couple she works for, she felt a pain in her stomach, and retreated to the bathroom where she gave birth. Afraid of being criticized by her employer, the woman abandoned her baby on top of the air conditioner box outside the bathroom.

As the domestic helper had been in the bathroom for such a long time, the couple went to check on her to confirm whether an accident had taken place. The couple found the woman lying on the floor, nearly unconscious.

After she was sent to the hospital, the woman told the family that the blood on the bathroom floor was due to her menstruation cycle.

The hospital nevertheless confirmed her pregnancy, unbeknownst to the couple.

The woman is currently in a healthy condition.

In the early morning on Friday, eight hours after the baby was abandoned, the couple heard the baby crying and found it on the air conditioner box, at which point they called the police. The baby was sent to the hospital and is healthy as well.

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