DSAT: Summer roadworks to affect traffic

The large amount of roadwork taking place over the summer holidays is expected to have a substantially negative impact on traffic flow, particularly in the Areia Preta District, the Chief of the Coordination Division of the Transport Bureau (DSAT), Mok Soi Tou, said yesterday in a press conference, which was organized by the bureau to present some of its major works.

The same official also noted that a significant number of these works are in the Areia Preta District; they are related to either the connection of the road network to the new links, such as the Macau Bridge, or the completion of the public housing estate located at Plot P of Areia Preta.

Several officials noted that, given the completion of these large-scale projects, “it is necessary to continue connecting the road network and laying pipes. Considering that the road flow is relatively low during the summer holidays, DSAT coordinated with several authorities to start connecting and optimizing the road network during this period, commencing with various ground work such as the laying of pipes.”

“Since these works involve several main roads, it is expected that the traffic situation in the Areia Preta area will become more complex and congested, inconveniencing commuters,” Wong Kuok Heng, Chief of the Division of Construction and Infrastructure of the Public Works Bureau (DSOP), added.

The government entities asked residents to be patient and pay special attention to provisional traffic arrangements.

Wong also noted that, to ease the expected traffic constraints, heavy-duty vehicles wishing to access the Northern District would be detoured. Such vehicles will not be able to circulate through Rua dos Pescadores, thereby avoiding the most congested areas.

Mok also said that is expected that tour buses bound for the Border Gate adopt alternative routes, avoiding Rotunda da Amizade.

Officials noted that, from a larger list of 24 major roadworks, 14 main works are being done this summer during July and August. These are divided into three broad categories: Works on Calamity Prevention, Road Paving, and Drainage and Sewage. Other works include the installation of both piping and high-voltage electric cables, as well as infrastructure upgrades to communications networks.

At the same press conference, Leong Chan Weng, Chief of the Division of Public Roads of the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM), also advanced details of several paving works being done over the next few weeks, which include the resurfacing of several parts of the Guia Circuit, as well as several main roads in NAPE, Nam Van, Ferreira do Amaral Square and surrounding streets, as well as Avenida de D. João IV in the city’s Central District.

Resurfacing works will also be done at the Sai Van Bridge, Leong said, noting that this would be the first major paving work done to the bridge in 19 years.

The same official noted that all the resurfacing works would take place at nighttime, to better facilitate work and ease traffic. The roadworks will take place in phases every day, from 8 p.m. until 6 a.m. of the next day.

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