Education | IFT’s Bachelor Degree Programs open for online applications

The Institute for Tourism Studies (IFT) announced it will start receiving online applications for Daytime Bachelor Degree Programs from January 3 to 18. Six English-taught degree programs are open for applications, namely Culinary Arts Management, Heritage Management, Hotel Management, Tourism Business Management, Tourism Event Management, as well as Tourism Retail and Marketing Management.
The programs use English as the instruction medium and practicums and internships are integrated in the first and third years, allowing students to gain hands-on experience in related fields. According to a statement issued by IFT, “the employment of IFT graduates, who are welcomed by employers in tourism and hospitality sectors, is quite satisfactory.”
The institute’s teaching team now comprises members from 18 countries and regions, while its students are from 25 countries and regions. With over 106 partner institutions and organizations in 32 countries and regions, IFT has established connections with 588 international tourism and hospitality companies both locally and globally, providing students with many internship opportunities.

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