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madonna-edesaQueen of Pop” Madonna was in town several days ago to perform in Macau as part of her much-anticipated “Rebel Heart Tour” at the Hollywood-­inspired, cinematically-­themed resort Studio City. The legendary diva attracted a stellar group of celebrity fans. Upon entering the stadium where she performed, I spotted award-winning actress Carina Lau – who spent half a million dollars on one of the most luxurious private VIP suites for her friends – Asia’s King of Dance, Aaron Kwok, Asian diva Miriam Yeung and her husband Real Ting, Hong Kong sweetheart Charlene Choi, sexy goddess Christy Chung and her boyfriend Golden Zhang, as well as celebrated couples Simon Yam & Qi Qi and Leo Ku and Lorraine Chan.
The two-day “Rebel Heart Tour” at SCEC allowed fans the privilege of enjoying Madonna’s live performance in an intimate setting. Anticipating the historic occasion, celebrities and superstars dressed to the hilt and arrived at the venue early to get ready for the special night. In her luxury private VIP suite, Carina Lau treated her close friends to a night of great music and gourmet dishes, complemented with a bespoke butler service.
Celebrities and regular folks waited for more than two hours as the “diva” started her show late. Still perfectly fit in her late fifties, Madonna performed her songs among talented dancers, who seemed to defy gravity in every way. In addition to creating provocative images with half naked nuns pole dancing on stage and reenacting Last Supper while performing “Vogue,” she sang an acoustic version of “True Blue” with a ukulele. At the end, Hong Kong celebrity Eason Chan was invited on stage to flirt with the superstar, who asked him to play with a banana she gave him in an “X-rated” manner. Nothing is off limits to the diva after all.

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