Fantastic Fun And Learning Cultural Activities For Your Kids At MGM COTAI

1,2,3 Rock Paper Scissors

Are you looking for some quality time to spend with your children? Come to MGM COTAI to fully awake your creative senses during weekends.

Interactive storytelling, role playing and enjoyable games

Kids Imagination activities encourage children to create out of the box and use their endless imagination to bring out the infinite possibilities in art and life. You are Monkey King allows children to intimate the characters of the famous Chinese folktale and go on an adventure, of which can enhance their ability of observation, aesthetics, creativity and teamwork. The activity not only let the children but also the adults to submerge in contemporary art piece and the story behind. 1,2,3 Rock Paper Scissors gives parents and children a chance to work together and create their one and only poetic landscape painting and learn more about the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms through storytelling.

You are Monkey King

Children crave quality time with their parents because they have such a deep innate and healthy drive for that attention. Join the Kids Imagination activities, expand your thinking and go on an art and cultural journey with fun and creativity together.

Cast your creative spell at ’M Art

MGM Memory Cards by Local Artists YCC and Vanda Chan

’M Art at MGM COTAI is a conceptual creative space which brings experience and workshops to the public to spark conversation across boundaries. From time to time, ’M Art introduces different workshops to explore art with you from an innovative point of view. Recently, we have invited two local artists – Vanda Chan and YCC to create a special “MGM Memory Card”, which you can add your creative touch in the blank area of the memory card and turn it into a unique art piece of your own. We are inviting everyone here, children and adults to unleash your creativity with us at ’M Art and get your own DIY memory card for your loved ones.

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