Five influenza clusters recorded as schools resume

Over the past week, the Health Bureau has detected five influenza clusters at five schools, involving a total of 33 students.
The schools involved in the cluster are Santa Rosa de Lima English Secondary School in Nam Van, the Taipa Luso-Chinese School, the Fifth Campus of Saint Joseph Diocesan College, Kwong Tai Middle School in Patane and the Public School of Seac Pai Van.
Of the 33 students who contracted the seasonal flu, 22 were kindergarteners and 11 were primary school students.
The first cluster was detected on September 14 at Seac Pai Van. Three students had been experiencing symptoms of fever, cough and runny nose since the day before.
The second was recorded on September 17 at Patane, with 11 primary school children aged between 6 and 8 developing similar symptoms the previous day. One of the 11 students is a cross-border student.
The remaining three clusters were all recorded on September 18. All 19 of these students reside in Macau.
None of the students experienced severe symptoms, nor did they require hospitalization.
With regard to prevention measures, the health authority is reminding the public to receive the flu vaccine and get enough sleep, physical exercise and maintain balanced diets. They should also observe hygiene measures, maintain ventilation, wear masks, cover their nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing, and seek medical assistance when symptoms develop.
The Health Bureau did not explain how the flu infections had occurred when people are observing Covid-19 preventive measures. AL

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