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There is no doubt that savoring Chinese tea delicacies is the highest form of sophistication. From the creation, the presentation to the taste, it is a complete gastronomic experience. Renowned for the finest level of craftsmanship complemented by the highest service levels in culinary excellence, one of the most stunning restaurants in town, Lai Heen on top of the 51st floor of The Ritz-Carlton, Macau is presenting a series of exquisite Chinese tea dishes to tantalize taste buds and heighten a gastronomic experience.
The thoughtfully prepared tea delicacies allow guests to discover how tea creates additional depth and tones. Fusing aromatic tea leaves and fresh ingredients with classic Cantonese cooking techniques, this harmonious trinity results in the most unexpected pairings in Cantonese cuisine. Various types of tea dishes also lend balance and nourishment for the overall wellness of busy individuals.
At Lai Heen, only superior premium grade tea leaves are selected for the preparation of the tea-
infused dishes, including Huangjingui, Daguling Oolong and an artisanal blend Budding Romance consisting of rose and jasmine.
Steamed shrimp dumpling with lily bulb and egg white is meticulously prepared by gently cooking the egg white at a low temperature in order to shape and retain the texture, before soaking in the highest grade West Lake Dragon Well tea. The skin of the shrimp dumpling is also individually handcrafted by the artisans in the kitchen to allow the goodness of the tea to permeate the entire dish.
On the other hand, the wok-fried French Brittany blue Lobster with kale is put through a strong heat so that the lobster retains its springy texture and delicate sweetness. This impeccable pairing with Oolong also helps to bring out its flavor profile in its entirety.
Last but not least, the tea sommelier at Lai Heen will offer tea pairing recommendations from an extensive selection of premium gourmet tea to enhance the intuitive and crafted dining experience for every guest.

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