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toe2104St. Regis Macao recently introduced The Manor, which prides itself on serving high quality dishes made from the fine ingredients, thoughtfully sourced from around the world.  Bursting with vibrant colors and robust flavors, each dish at The Manor is a masterful work of art.  For meat lovers, this is the place to be.
The Manor, or ‘mansion’, is a multi-experience dining destination at The St. Regis Macao, with five unique venues known as The Verandah, The Dining Room, The Wine Gallery, The Penthouse Kitchen and The Library.  As you step into The Manor, you will arrive at The Verandah, where you can begin your culinary journey and then upon your next visit, you can experience an entirely different setting nestled within the restaurant.
The team of chefs at The Manor, led by Executive Sous Chef Gaetano Palumbo, present plates of exquisitely prepared dishes of prime cut meats from Japan, Australia, Northern Spain and grass-fed beef from Ireland, as well as an extraordinary selection of seafood from Hokkaido, Tasmania and France.
Gaetano Palumbo, Executive Sous Chef for The Manor restaurant at The St. Regis Macao, is extremely proud of his creations. He is originally from Sicily, where cooking is a central part of the community and family life.  “Everyone in Sicily has a passion for good food and great produce, and learning the art of cooking is just as important as enjoying the pleasure of eating fine food,” Chef Gaetano says.  “Growing up in such an environment, I was drawn to cook from a very young age and have grown even more passionate about food as I have traveled around the world. Now that I have the opportunity to work at The St. Regis Macao, I feel so fortunate to be able to scour the world for the best ingredients imaginable.  With these premium ingredients, we are able to create exquisite dishes that have personality and their own voice.”
Reserved for the everyday, guests now have the opportunity to savor incredible ingredients all throughout the week at The Manor, whether it be for power business lunches, a casual catch-up with the girls, family days or the perfect dinner date.
toe2104-2The culinary experience starts with the highly coveted Culatello di Zibello from the Italian family farm of Massimo Spigaroli, considered the pinnacle of Italy’s artisanal food culture. The Huffington Post calls Massimo Spigaroli “The Holy Rock Star of Italian Cured Ham” and Prince Charles, who is notoriously finicky about his food, loves Spigaroli’s Culatello ham.
Then comes the Miyazaki wagyu, the highest quality of black-haired cattle beef in Japan, even surpassing that of wagyu from Kobe. In order to maintain the highest standard of Miyazaki wagyu, Japanese authorities have restricted supplies of this prestigious beef to authorized distributors only. The Manor serves the Robata-grilled Miyazaki wagyu A5 with heirloom baby carrots, flavored with Sichuan spices.
Last but not least, try the Robata-grilled corn, miso butter, sweet green chilli, parmesan powder, pursalane and seasoned with pistachio. This unique dish combines the flavors of Japan through the Robata style of cooking; Italy with a sprinkling of parmesan and Mexico, where the corn is sourced.

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