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toe2503-0This April, MGM MACAU’s signature French bistro Aux Beaux Arts brings the sensational milk-fed lamb from the Basque Valley, the soul of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques in the southwest region of France to Macau. The lambs are fed on the mother’s milk only, and the exclusive diet gives the meat its unique characteristics.
As the lambs graze on the most flourishing meadow in springtime, the baby lambs thrive during this season. The meat is tender and delicate, with an exceptional taste and aroma. The diet influences the color of the meat, which is light pink. Elie Khalife, Chef de Cuisine, showcases his creativity using the finest cuts of shoulder, rack and.
In haute cuisine, Parmentier consists typically of a mixture of potato and braised meat. Elie’s braised lamb shoulder served in Parmentier with potato mousseline, potato allumette and green salad presents the shoulder meat with four layers of surprising mouthfeel. The collagen slowly melts into the broth and infuses the distinctive flavors as the meat tenderizes. A touch of crispy potato allumette, handpicked green salad are added on top of the creamy potato mousseline and melt-in-mouth meat blended with alluring maroon colored reduction sauce.
Another delight is the roasted lamb rack with crust and served with chick pea puree, warm vinaigrette and lamb lollipop. The tender texture of the lamb is expressed through a color palette that is inviting and flavorful. The rack is coated in an aromatic crust of finely chopped garlic and herbs. A contemporary touch is added to this classic French meal by accompanying chick pea puree and warm vinaigrette made with diced tomatoes, shallots, herbs and pequillo peppers. An appealing smoky tang is enhanced by the roasted pepper dressing. Moreover, the dish is accompanied with minced lamb pan-fried into lollipop shape. Chef Elie blends the stuffed Mediterranean lamb saddle served with white beans and salad with cultural elements. The slow-cooked lamb saddle is stuffed with tomatoes, mushroom, basil and pine nuts. It’s moist on the inside, while having a nice brown grilled crust on the outside, beautifully displayed on a delicious bed of white beans in garlic tomato sauce.


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