GEG is Committed to Treating the Elderly with Respect and Dignity

To encourage the community to pay more attention to the needs of the elderly during their golden years, the Macau SAR Government has designated the ninth day of the ninth lunar month as the “Macau S.A.R. Senior Citizen’s Day”. In his reply letter to senior volunteers from I Chon Center of the General Union of Neighbourhood Associations of Macau (UGAMM) in October last year, President Xi Jinping applauded Macau’s elderly for furthering their contribution to society and affirmed their patriotism and love of the city. The letter received great acclaim from all sectors of society, further inspiring Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG) to push forward a host of community works and collaborations with local organizations to help those in need in their later life.

As a Chinese company that is deeply rooted in Macau, GEG has been adhering to the spirit of “what is taken from the community is to be used for the good of the community”, and works closely with local organizations to extend care to all people across the community. With care, respect and love being top priorities of its corporate social responsibility agenda, GEG takes special care in supporting Macau’s elderly residents and actively leverages on its resources and extensive network with local associations to organize and provide a series of diversified community activities and services for Macau’s elderly as well as create a more caring and inclusive society.

This year, GEG organized 15 volunteering activities targeted at the elderly, including on Lunar New Year Eve,  the Mid-Autumn Festival, the National holiday, and before and after the typhoon season where daily necessities, including disaster preparedness family kits, holiday gift bags and Congjiang gift packages were handed out to the elderly so that they can feel the love and attention of the community.

Convey Warmth to the Elderly

GEG has been supporting the Peng On Tung Outdoor-assistance Service for three consecutive years.

GEG organized team members to pay visits to users of the Peng On Tung Tele-Assistance Services.

This is the Group’s ninth year to cooperate with UGAMM. In addition to organizing team members to pay annual visits to users of the Peng On Tung Tele-Assistance Services (“Peng On Tung”), GEG has been a long-time sponsor of many of UGAMM’s key services and activities, including the “Community Caring Program 2019″ and the “Peng On Tung Outdoor-Assistance Service,” of which GEG is an exclusive sponsor in hopes of strengthening the community’s support system.

In addition, GEG also collaborated with the Macau SAR Government on organising an “Emergency Preparedness Talk” on how to evacuate from low-lying areas during major storms and typhoons for more than 60 Peng On Tung users and GEG volunteers. Following the departure of Typhoon Higos, the GEG Volunteer Team immediately visited the homes of more than 40 Peng On Tung users and brought along team members from GEG’s Engineering Department to help inspect the condition of each unit’s water drainage, plumbing, and electricity system.

U-lead interns celebrated the National Day and the Mid-Autumn with elderlies.

Festive Gatherings and Sharing

Developing connections with the younger generation can help older adults feel a greater sense of fulfillment. Interns from GEG’s U-LEAD internship program joined the same day National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival celebration with 40 elderly members from the Integrated Service Centre of Northern District of the Macau Federation of Trade Unions (FAOM) at the Oasis Ballroom at Galaxy Hotel™, and presented them with gift packages.

Partnering with Local Social Groups

Ms. Ng Siu Lai

GEG has been working with several large associations and charitable organizations, including UGAMM and FAOM. “GEG is a long-term community partner of UGAMM and supports us on all aspects when it comes to extending care to the elderly, including during holidays, and before and after the typhoon season. We look forward to continuing working with GEG to providing care to the elderly and the Macau community” said Ms. Ng Siu Lai, President of the Board of Directors of the UGAMM.

Ms. Chio Lan Ieng

“FAOM has been working with GEG for many years to co-host a number of meaningful events for the local elderly. With the arrival of ‘double celebration’ and the International Day of Older Persons, GEG invited them to celebrate the festive season with the GEG volunteers and interns. We thank GEG for its thoughtful arrangement and care,” said Ms. Chio Lan Ieng, Community Service Director of FAOM.

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