GEG Macau Cup – 12th Youth National Education Competition Concluded

Believing that “education engenders a strong country,” since 2009, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has joined the National Education (Macau) Association in organizing the annual Youth National Education Competition, which aims to encourage local young people to learn about the various aspects of national conditions and China’s development. Over the past 12 years, the competition has attracted upwards of 90,000 students from local high schools and higher education institutions to take part, and has helped cultivated the young generation’s love and sense of belonging to the motherland. 

The teams strived for good results in the competition.

“Healthy China” 

Echoing the national strategy to promote a “Healthy China”, this year’s competition aims to deepen local youths’ understanding of the national agenda on health and development. In addition, an online live broadcast was added in this year’s final competition so that more teachers, students, parents, and the public can watch the competition, cheer for the participating students, and deepen their own understanding of the “Healthy China” initiative.

Record-High Attendance  

The organizer sent souvenirs to teachers of the participating schools and thanked them for their efforts.

The 12th Youth National Education Competition attracted over 12,000 students from 24 secondary schools and higher education institutions. The record-high attendance reflects the competition’s popularity among local students and young people’s eagerness to obtain national knowledge. Recently, the final competition and award ceremony was held at StarWorld Hotel. After a fierce three-round competition with national conditions debates and quizzes, the Champion title went to Pooi To Middle School, Kao Yip Middle School, and the City University of Macau.

The winning team of Pooi To Middle School.

Teacher Cheang Wai Hou from Pooi To Middle School expressed gratitude to GEG and the National Conditions Education (Macau) Association for co-organizing the competition. “It provides a good platform for young people to understand the country’s history and policies,” he said.

The winning students from Kao Yip Middle School and their teachers.

Meanwhile, Teacher Chen Iong from Kao Yip Middle School believes that the competition has broadened her students’ perspectives.  “This competition also lets us see how GEG, as a leader of Macau’s integrated resort industry, contributes to youth nurturing by promoting Chinese cultures and perspectives through education,” she added.

The winning students were invited to the Greater Bay Area where they visited the local headquarters of renowned enterprises last year.

Every year, the competition’s winning students are sponsored for a study tour to different Mainland Chinese cities. This year, the award-winning students will visit Guangzhou and Jiangmen in the Greater Bay Area to discover the development trends of the Health Industry.


Fostering the Sense of Patriotism

Wang Haitao

Mr. Wang Haitao, President of the National Education (Macau) Association, said this year’s competition was well received with a record-high participation. He thanked GEG for the long-term cooperation, and its support and trust to the association over the years. “Recognized as one of the major interschool competitions in Macau, the success of the GEG Macau Cup – Youth National Education Competition lies in our 12-year cooperation with GEG, which showcases GEG’s corporate social responsibility strength and ownership. We look forward to continuing our partnership with GEG on promoting national education.”

Learning National Education for Future Development


At the final competition, Ms. Mo Hui, Vice President of the University Hospital and judge for the competition, and Mr. Choi Man Cheng, Chairman of the Macau Youth Federation, were invited to share their insights on the pandemic.

Mo Hui

Ms. Mo thinks that GEG has been making good use of its own resources to support the promotion of national conditions education. “GEG has a great vision to support national conditions education, and should be applauded by us. I think many of us lack an understanding of the country’s conditions, not that they are not patriotic. The importance of education on national conditions is to let the general public understand the country’s current progress, development trends, policy guidelines, and to promote empathy.”


Choi Man Cheng

Mr. Choi Man Cheng agrees that the competition is a good platform to promote national education. “Every country has its own development history and political system. Understanding the country’s latest development strategies, such as the Belt and Road Initiative and the Greater Bay Area development, will help prepare young people to seize opportunities, realize their dreams, and contribute to our community.”


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