GEG Spares No Effort in Environmental Protection and Sustainability

Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG) is committed to protecting the environment and fostering sustainable development. Over the years, GEG has incorporated a variety of green initiatives into its daily operations, from energy conservative measures to proactively exploring the latest environmental tools and techniques, with the aim of minimizing its carbon footprint.

Most recently, GEG signed a memorandum of understanding with Macau Coca-Cola Beverage Co., Ltd to launch a circular system for all branded bottles of GEG and its properties this month. As the first integrated resort operator to create such a system, which is designed to increase the recycling, reuse and reduction of plastic waste, GEG aims to further raise recycling rates and minimize environmental impact while continuing to provide “World Class, Asian Heart” service to its guests.
“GEG understands that environmental protection is of paramount importance for a sustainable future and has spared no effort in fulfilling our environmental social responsibilities,” said Mr. Kevin Kelley, Chief Operating Officer – Macau of GEG. “Our efforts cover from introducing international environmental and energy management systems, implementing a wide array of conservation and recycling initiatives, and adopting eco-friendly architecture and green procurement, to enhancing the awareness of our team members and guests on these topics. All of these demonstrate GEG’s commitment in assisting Macau’s development as a green city, comfortable for residents and visitors, and a World Centre of Tourism and Leisure.”

Mr. Kelley thinks it meaningful that this long-prepared collaboration with Macau Coca-Cola marks the beginning of GEG’s environmental efforts for 2020. “GEG and Macau Coca-Cola share the same vision for this program, which is to foster the sustainable development of the Macau community,” he said.

Under the program, all GEG-branded plastic bottles will be collected for transport to a Taiwanese supplier approved by Coca-Cola®. There the bottles will be processed into food-grade plastic pellets that comply with the standards of the United States Food and Drug Administration and the European Food Safety Authority. The pellets will then be used by Macau Coca-Cola to produce new bottles. This process of manufacturing recycled PET (rPET) pellets reduces carbon emissions by up to 63%. All of GEG’s hotel brands and partners will adopt a new light-weight bottle design for their 350 ml water bottles to reduce the total amount of plastic used. The program is expected to raise recycling rates and minimize the impact on the environment.

The collaboration of GEG and Macau Coca-Cola to foster a greener environment started in December 2019, when the two parties jointly set up “smart” bottle recycling machines at Galaxy Macau™ and StarWorld Hotel. As the first integrated resort operator in Macau to set up such facilities, GEG aims to empower team members to proactively contribute to waste sorting and recycling.
Meanwhile, green facilities have been placed across GEG’s properties, such as recycling bins for guests and team members. In addition, all of GEG’s F&B outlets have adopted biodegradable utensils and containers in order to reduce plastic waste. Self-help water dispensers have also been installed at Broadway Macau.

Instilling Eco-Awareness in Team Members
With the aim of encouraging team members to incorporate eco-friendly spirit and practice into their daily lives, GEG has organized numerous fun, interesting and informative activities to enhance team members’ awareness of energy conservation.
Every Monday, GEG hosts the Let’s Go Green vegetarian activity at its canteens. In addition, a Sustainable Food Day activity is also held regularly. The activities allow team members to have first-hand experience with the diversity of green dining and strengthen their knowledge of the benefits of green dining for personal health and the environment.

Mr. Kevin Kelley (right) and Mr. Raymond U (left)

Furthermore, since 2016 GEG has held an annual Energy and Environmental Conservation Week, which includes a series of activities for team members that includes workshops, green shopping experiences and recycling programs. In its fourth edition in November, GEG invited Dr. Ignacio Marcovecchio, Project Manager of the United Nations University, and Dr. Huang Jingbo, Director of the United Nations University Institute in Macau, to host a talk on sustainability. The two scholars introduced the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to over 200 GEG team members and discussed their experience and insights from working in environmental protection. This consolidated the team members’ understanding of their environmental responsibilities and enlightened them about the concept and significance of the joint efforts of mankind to achieve sustainable development.
Other regular activities include the Sustainability Awards, in which team members submit energy-conservation proposals to GEG, and a quiz competition about sustainability. GEG will continue to advocate environmental protection among team members to help develop a green society and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

GEG has the local industry’s biggest greenery landscape and tree planting area to neutralize carbon emission, with 1,000 trees and two million plants in Galaxy Macau.

Highlights of GEG’s Sustainability Efforts:

For 11 consecutive years, GEG has taken part in Earth Hour, organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature, and supported the Monthly Earth Hour activity in Cotai.
GEG has launched an LED lighting replacement program, which has already achieved 30 million kWh of energy saving since 2015.
All of GEG’s properties have received a long list of accolades and awards for their environmental and energy saving efforts over the years. In particular, Galaxy Macau, Broadway Macau and StarWorld Hotel have all obtained ISO14001 certification for environmental management, and Galaxy Macau has recently been recognized with ISO 15001:2018 certification for effective energy management.
GEG was the first integrated resort operator to introduce electric passenger buses in Macau.

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