GEG Volunteer Team Serving the Community for Another New Decade

Over the years, GEG volunteers spare no effort in lending a hand to those in need.

Upholding its philosophy of “what is taken from the community is to be used for the good of the community”, Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG) is committed to spreading love, care and positive life values in the community. In 2011, GEG established the GEG Volunteer Team for its team members to engage in volunteer work and to give back to society, which has received tremendous support from the team members. To date, the GEG Volunteer Team has held around 750 meaningful social activities, contributing over 200,000 hours of service to the Macau community.

Better Future

GEG volunteers experienced the challenges and inconveniences of aging, and learned how to take better care of the elderly

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the GEG Volunteer Team, last year, GEG joined hands with different social service organizations in organizing a wide array of volunteering activities and launching two pilot programs, the GEG Volunteer Team “Empathy in Action Training Program” and the “Empathy in Action Inclusive Creative Arts Project”. Through providing a series of training and simulation activities, GEG volunteers were given the exposure to solidify their understanding of the daily lives and needs of people from different social groups, nurture their empathy and community engagement, and become advocate for diversity and inclusion.

GEG volunteers experienced the challenges and inconveniences of aging, and learned how to take better care of the elderly

Working closely with 10 of its long-standing NGO partners, 10 inclusive art and handcrafting workshops were organized by GEG for people from all backgrounds to express themselves through art and share their creativity. The art project aims to promote the unique artistic talents of people with special needs, enhance their confidence, and help them integrate into the community.

GEG volunteers paired up with students from Macau Special Olympics in an inclusive boules activity for the fun and enjoyment.

GEG volunteer took pictures for elderly members of the Macau Federation of Trade Unions at a musical concert.

GEG volunteers learned about local sign language to better understand the daily lives and needs of the deaf and hearing-impaired people.

Striding towards the second decade, GEG will continue to fulfill its corporate citizenship pledge of “Community at Heart, Empathy in Action”. In addition to advancing its current volunteering programs and workshops, GEG will introduce the “Parent-Child Volunteering Experience Scheme” and encourage its team members to engage their children in volunteering so that the next generation can develop positive life values and become responsible citizens. GEG will continue to work together with its team members and the different sectors to establish a caring network and facilitate Macau’s sustainable development.

Volunteers Sharing

The dedication and commitment of its volunteers are the foundation of the GEG Volunteer Team’s success. Many volunteers have witnessed the growth and advancement of the GEG Volunteer Team in the past decade, and they have all benefited from the happiness, satisfaction and accomplishment brought about from their contribution.

Mr. Lei Pak Lao


“GEG provides strong and unwavering support to the Volunteer Team which allows me to connect with different social groups and listen to the voices of the community.”



Ms. Li Cui Qion


“My volunteering with GEG has inspired me to encourage my children to serve the community, thereby passing on the spirt of mutual support.”



Mr. Leong Wa Kam


“Volunteering with GEG has given me valuable opportunities to share my photography expertise, capture the memorable moments, and contribute to society.”



Mr. Yu Jun Hua



“Volunteering with GEG has been one of my most rewarding journeys. The cheerful smiles of beneficiaries motivate me to continue serving more people from all walks of life.”




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