Gov’t announces details of acquiring cultural, sporting and other talents

The government announced in yesterday’s Official Gazette the requirements for talented workers to be recruited in the cultural, sporting and other industries.

The government wishes to attract “people with professional experience and capabilities who excel” in a number of industries in order for “local industries to thrive.”

The industries include cultural and sporting entertainment and development; digital media development; neighborhood revitalization; commerce, business and distribution of cultural and sporting products; translation and interpretation; culinary management; teaching and research; and marketing development.

Applicants must also meet certain additional requirements. They must hold at least a Bachelor’s Degree in any of a wide range of disciplines, such as program management, event planning and management, visual production, design, music, digital media, architecture, landscape architecture, sports management, translation and interpreting, certain languages, linguistics, law and public relations.

They must also possess working experience ranging from two to four years in the relevant areas.

Some achievements will help applicants gain additional scores, such as having worked in a Forbes or Forbes China World Top 2,000 enterprise, or a Fortune China or Hurun Report China’s Top 500 enterprise, or a major subsidiary of one of these enterprises.

Michelin three-star or Black Pearl three-diamond awards will also help applicants gain additional scores.

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