Gov’t gives no clues about return timeline for non-Chinese bluecard holders

For the time being, there is no date set for when foreign non-resident workers currently staying outside of Macau will be allowed to reenter the territory, according to the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Center. However, the Center stressed that Covid-19 prevention measures will continue to be amended according to the situation.
When questioned about the topic, Dr. Lo Iek Long of the Coronavirus Center first expressed his understanding about public concern on the matter. He addressed the topic as not only being of concern to foreign non-resident workers, but also foreign non-residents who are relatives of Macau residents.
“We have previously explained that this lies within the scope of our considerations,” Lo stressed. He pointed out the conflict in the situation, where some residents want stricter counter-pandemic measures but others want less strict measures.
“We must strike a balance,” Lo said. “All policies – especially pandemic response policies – must be rolled out phase-by-phase.”
In saying this, he assured the press conference that entry relaxation for foreign non-resident workers and foreigners with family members in Macau is within the center’s wide scope of work, but that he cannot give a specific timeline for these changes.
“It applies to all measures,” Lo explained. “If a measure doesn’t worsen the situation when it is in place, we will then consider making progress towards further [relaxation].”
The center was also questioned about progress on the reopening of barbeque sites. They are still closed by order of the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) under previous pandemic response measures.
Dr. Leong Iek Hou from the center reassured citizens that the health authorities have given the green light for the reopening of the campsite in Hac Sa, although certain measures must be enacted. “Our recommendations have been passed to the IAM,” Leong disclosed.
When questioned on the details of the recommendations, Leong reiterated that people entering local parks must present a valid Green Macau Health Code. They should also wear a mask throughout their entire park trip.
“We understand that during a barbeque session, facemask wearing is not possible,” Leong said. “In that case, each individual must keep 1 meter apart. This is a basic requirement in all of our guidelines.”
As to when barbeque sites will be allowed to reopen, the doctor explained that this is within the IAM’s authority and indicated his belief that the bureau would offer further information in due course.
On the other hand, as mainland travel endorsements to Macau reopened for applications nationwide on September 23, the tourism industry is rubbing its hands at the prospect of welcoming an influx of tourists from the mainland. Regarding this, government representatives assured the press briefing that the government has made sufficient preparations. The National Day Fireworks Display will also go ahead on October 1.
The Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO), the Public Security Police Force and the Health Bureau pledged to work to ensure a safe environment for tourists.
The MGTO reminded the public that the Macao Ready Go! Local Tour campaign will conclude on September 30 and that registrations must be conducted on or before September 27.

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