Gov’t lifts NAT certificate requirement for casino entries

The requirement for patrons to present a nucleic acid test certificate proving they are negative for Covid-19 infection before they enter casinos was lifted at 12 a.m. today.
The latest rules for casino entry were announced yesterday by the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre, after taking into account the fact possession of such a certificate – issued within seven-days from intended arrival – is already a mandatory requirement for visitors from the mainland on arrival to Macau.
The centre also noted a number of epidemic-control measures were already being closely adhered to on casino premises including a presentation of Health Code and a requirement that each patron and each casino-floor employee wear a protective face mask, among others.
“The centre was aware there was stability in terms of epidemic-related conditions on the mainland. With the weather getting warmer around the country, it was expected the outlook would further stabilise in terms of epidemic-related developments,” the center stated.
The number of infection cases reported on the mainland had dropped since mid-February after it recorded a rise prior the Chinese New Year, which made authorities urge its residents not to travel during the holiday season.
A citywide Covid-19 vaccination programme had been launched on February 9.
As of 6 p.m. yesterday, a total of 16,004 people had received their first dose. As of that time, an additional 39,054 people had been able to confirm an appointment for initial vaccination.
As of Monday, the SAR had not recorded any locally-infected Covid-19 case for 337 consecutive days.

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