Gov’t reassures availability of essential supplies

The local government has assured the public in a statement that supplies of essential commodities are ample, and has discouraged panic purchasing.

Availability of supplies has been checked with several supermarkets, a government economic taskforce said in yesterday’s statement. The taskforce was also assured by retailers that they would increase orders of the most popular products, such as rice, canned and frozen food products.

The taskforce has also required local supermarkets to implement quantity limits on individual retail so as to stabilize supply. Retailers were also reminded to comply with health measures recommended by the Health Bureau (SSM).

Even without replenishment, the stock of rice and cooking oil in Macau is sufficient for a month’s supply. As of the taskforce’s inspection, the city had 1.67 million kilograms of rice and 750,000 kilograms of edible oil.

By issuing the statement, the government means to assure local residents about the supply of vital products and hence discourage panic buying.

Price speculation and profiteering are also within the government’s scope of regulation, the taskforce noted.

Macau residents have a history of panic buying items such as several dozen toilet rolls, on the occasion of natural disasters. AL

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