GREAT TIMES | Meet Sea Odyssey’s New Friends at MGM

Say HELLO to the new air swimming creatures at the Grande Praça at MGM MACAU! When you are all too familiar with the shiny silvery dolphins, we have three new members joining our Sea Odyssey family. Let’s dive into the mysterious ocean at MGM!

Set sail and meet our new friends—the gigantic turtle and bloated pufferfish at MGM MACAU, where these cute ones will be swimming in the air around the breathtaking cylindrical aquarium with a 360-degree unobstructed view of the aquatic lives. Continue the chillax experience by gifting yourself a Spring Semi-Buffet Brunch every first weekend of every month at ABA while enjoying the beauty of the sea creatures. To add a few more indulgence, spring into action with the charming Portuguese afternoon tea at Rossio, featuring Sardine Tarlest, Pork Bifana, Serradura and more must-eat delicacies. 

When the day is still bright, submerge in the subaquatic environment at MGM COTAI with the other new friend, Mr. Shark and also our cute flying dolphins. Don’t let the exciting weekend stop here, gather your friends and family to relish a little sweetness in the joy of scrumptious at Anytime, located at the heart of MGM COTAI. Dig your fingers in the dazzling desserts of your choice at the “Sugar Crush” dessert buffet, indulge in the free flow of sweet delights. Let’s sit back, enjoy a soothing afternoon and immerse ourselves in magnificence where the water meets the sky.

Down the water, the fish are happy! Come to MGM and start your Sea Odyssey adventure and have fun with friends and family! Every day at 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, and 7pm, you will find the adorable air swimming sea creatures at the MGM MACAU Grande Praça and the MGM COTAI Spectacle, get ready and be the mysterious ocean! For more details, please visit

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