HEALTH | Sino-Luso Medical Forum looks into clinical toxicology

Local and international physicians are gathering in Macau this weekend for the 22nd Sino-Luso International Medical Forum, this time featuring training courses in clinical toxicology.
Addressing Macau’s frontline medical professionals in public and private hospitals, as well as in integrated resorts, training courses will be held on Saturday and Sunday, and will aim to present the latest research in treating substances that severely affect the human body. This focus includes the issues of both alcohol and drug abuse.
“As a follow up to the clinical toxicology forum held in October 2013, this forum will provide Macau’s healthcare providers with the latest in advanced clinical toxicology,” said professor Manson Fok, president of the Sino-Luso International Medical Forum and dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST).
The director of the Hong Kong Poison Information Center, professor Lau Fei Lung, said that he is coming over to Macau with a team of specialists in clinical toxicology, who will focus on the current topic of alcohol and drug abuse, as well as metal toxicity.
Professor Manson Fok said that they’re hoping to bring together specialists to exchange views and share their experiences in detecting and treating poisonous toxins.
“It also provides a unique platform for all of our healthcare partners to present and discuss recent innovations, trends, practical challenges that we face in our emergency services, and the latest treatments adopted in the field of toxicology,” he added.
Experts from Hong Kong will run workshops in the areas of advanced antidotes, and toxicology lab drug detection. “We will train medical providers in Macau to ensure that they are well-equipped and able to deal with emergency cases in order to meet today’s challenges,” said professor Lau Fei Lung in a statement.
Other panelists include professor Tse Man Li, professor Chan Chi Keung, and the president of the Hong Kong Society of Clinical Toxicology, Dr Chan Yiu Cheung. Local experts will also address the forum, including professor Gregory Cheung, consultant for MUST’s university hospital, Dr Chen Lai Leong, vice executive officer of Macau Society of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine, and council member Dr Chang Tam Fei.
The workshops will be held at Dr Stanley Ho Medical Development Foundation, situated in the ICBC building in Landmark, on Saturday and Sunday, starting at 8:30 a.m. The forum will be held between Saturday and Monday. CP

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