Hengqin border averages 67,000 crossings daily

Since Jan. 26, the Hengqin Border Checkpoint has recorded 670,000 border crossings, equating to over 67,000 crossings each day on average.

According to a report by Macao Daily News, the border’s clearance services have been operating to high capacity since the aforementioned date, which marks “Spring Festival Travel” in mainland China.

During Lunar New Year, which represents seven days of holiday on the mainland, workers in Macau will travel back to their native homes, reuniting with friends and families. This practice is where the name “Spring Festival Travel” comes from.

The border control entity also attributed the rise in traffic to the simultaneous openings of the intercity railway from Zhuhai Airport to Hengqin, and the Jinhai Highway Bridges connecting Jinwan and Hengqin. This has driven more travelers to use the checkpoint out of convenience.

There were about 11,000 tourists passing through the border with passports, a month-on-month increase of about 25.3%. As the holiday period draws closer, the number of tourists going to Macau has also increased. Since Jan. 26, more than 10,000 people have passed through the Hengqin checkpoint every day, travelling to Macau. AL

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