Hengqin eases building height limitations for towers

Towers being built in Zhuhai seen from Barra, Macau

The Hengqin district has planned to build itself into Zhuhai’s new urban center thanks to the planned construction of what will become the tallest buildings in Zhuhai, according to a report by Macao Daily News.

On Monday, the Administrative Committee of Hengqin New Area said that it would implement a relaxation policy in order to allow higher buildings to be built in Hengqin.

The policy involves 18 pieces of land, all located in Hengqin’s free-trade zone, Hong Wan commercial, and the logistic center.

This area belongs to one part of Zhuhai’s integrated development plan, an urban zone shaped like the Chinese character, ‮+‬~.

On these lands, 15 buildings taller than 100 meters, four buildings taller than 200 meters, and one 350-meter tall building will be built.

The Zhuhai administration wants to turn Hengqin into Zhuhai’s most dense urban center in terms of ultra-high-rise buildings.

According to the report, the tallest building (350 meters) was originally planned to be only 40 meters high, and, similarly, the three 200-meter tall buildings originally were planned to be shorter, either 60 or 40 meters high.

The 350-meter tall building is, so far, Zhuhai’s highest planned building, and it is expected to become the city’s new landmark.

Aside from Hengqin, the Zhuhai administration also has plans for Hengquin’s financial island, west of Macau’s Ocean Garden, to be densely populated by high-rise buildings.

For the financial island, eight 300-meter tall buildings have been planned, including the Hengqin international financial center, which will reach a height of 337 meters.


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