IC verifying ages of two newly discovered old cannons

Yesterday morning, the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) removed two old cannons from the construction site of the Galaxy resort project.
Workers at the construction site reported the discovery of two cannons to the Public Security Police Force (PSP) on Monday.
The two ancient cannons are about one meter and 1.3 meters long respectively. One has a caliber of 50 mm and the other, 60 mm.
This marks the second time that ancient cannons have been found in the same construction site.
In November 2020, workers found one 1.45 meter long ancient cannon with a caliber of 80 mm at the site. This cannon is currently stored in the warehouse of the Macau Museum.
The cultural authority is currently verifying the ages of all three cannons.
In April last year, workers found one ancient cannon in the sewage project site near Pak Kong parking lot at the inner harbor.
A research team from the cultural authority believes that this cannon was buried between 1898 and 1933, was not made in Macau and was transported to Macau with the aid of the military or through channels of trade. JZ

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