KNOWING YOU, KNOWING US | Melco’s initiative to support the advancement of SMEs


Putting into effect Melco Chairman and CEO Lawrence Ho’s philosophy of supporting local SME business development

With the aim to contribute to the sustainable future of Macau together with the city’s Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Melco Resorts & Entertainment has introduced a new initiative titled ‘Knowing You, Knowing Us’.

The program’s goal is to serve as an exclusive communications platform to build and facilitate constructive rapport between Melco and local merchants through ongoing and regular events; enabling beneficial relationships which not only grant SMEs greater transparency into Melco’s procurement requirements and procedures and allows SMEs to identify products and services they can offer Melco and the wider industry, but also helps Melco get to know local vendors and what they have to offer.

Putting into effect Melco Chairman and CEO Mr. Lawrence Ho’s philosophy of supporting local SME business development, Melco has continued to provide business opportunity priority to SMEs offering the right products and services for their integrated resorts’ discerning guests.

Melco’s ‘Knowing You, Knowing Us’ campaign was inaugurated last month with a seminar on Operating Supplies & Equipment (OS&E) and Printing Categories standards. A vendor experience tour was also arranged for more than 50 local SMEs, including business members of the Macao Chamber of Commerce, Industrial Association of Macau, and Macau Union Suppliers Association. More than 80 representatives from SMEs of varying sectors were in attendance, including those from the fields of Marketing; Printing; OS&E; Room Accessories; and Information Technology.

The event’s participants were invited on a tour of Melco’s Studio City, to experience the property from the perspective of guests, thus allowing SMEs the chance to gather a deeper understanding of how their products and services may be utilized. The day’s activities concluded with a business matching session, where SMEs showcased their products to Melco’s Supply Chain representatives, and Melco also displayed OS&E and Printing products it currently uses, for further discussion.

During another event for SMEs on August 28, Melco shared sustainable procurement initiatives and its broader sustainability strategy with fifty representatives from over thirty local SMEs of various sectors at a workshop held at Studio City.

Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center (CPTTM)’s Manager of Standards, Management, Training and Assessment Ms. Jenny Ho introduced the global standards developed by the International Organization for Standardization in alignment with UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) and targets as practical guidelines for driving sustainable operations.

The workshop also brought to attention factors to consider in sustainable procurement, including the environmental impact and reusability of products and services, an SME’s role within a sustainable supply chain, and awareness for constantly shifting customer demands. A networking session enabled Melco’s Supply Chain Department and workshop participants to convene, to jointly pursue further sustainable products and solutions, and catalyze potential collaborative business opportunities.

After attending the seminar event, Ms. Karen Chu, Executive Director of local SME Paris Store, commented, “I feel the workshop really helps enhance SME representatives’ awareness on sustainable procurement. Melco’s broader sustainability strategy and green initiatives were clearly presented, and after this session I think many of us will review and consider upgrading our offerings to this end. It was a positive event to help boost the overall profitability of SMEs in Macau as a whole. We can now pay more attention to sourcing sustainable products for the market, avoiding those with excessive packaging. We’ll also explore opportunities to attain recognized sustainability certifications to complement our company’s growth.”

Other past events hosted by Melco include a workshop on the latest trends in Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Management Certification as well as a vendor experience tour attended by over 40 local SMEs from varied industries such as Marketing; Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment; Hospitality Operating Supplies and Equipment; Maintenance Services; Parts; and Entertainment Equipment.

Mr. Donald Tateishi, Senior Vice President, Finance, Melco Resorts and Entertainment, said, “Through establishing and implementing the ‘Knowing You, Knowing Us’ campaign for enhanced communications between ourselves and SMEs, such as workshops, seminars and open days, we hope to expand Melco’s procurement from local vendors and support their development. We look forward to announcing a series of further initiatives in the coming months, where local SMEs and Melco will have the chance to establish detailed dialogue and understanding, to identify opportunities and business prospects so that we may work together towards a sustainable future for Macau and the Greater Bay Area.”

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