Macao Water enhancing disaster resistance capability

Macao Water executive director Nacky Kuan

Water supply was affected “to an unprecedented degree” during Typhoon Hato, the executive director of Macao Water acknowledged yesterday during a meeting with journalists. Nacky Kuan praised the company’s staff efforts to repair the affected facilities and said that meanwhile there is time to “learn from experience and reflect on shortfalls.”

In order to enhance disaster resistance capability, Macao Water devised short-term, medium-term and long-term water supply improvement plans.  Major works for 2018 include progress in the construction of the water treatment plant at Seac Pai Van as well as part of the pipeline of the fourth raw water pipe from Zhuhai to Macau. 

Protection works to the Ilha Verde Water Treatment Plant will also be conducted. “We will construct a barrier [1.5 meters higher] to prevent water flooding in our piping station […] In the future, if the waterworks or water supply facilities of the Macau peninsula suddenly emerge with unexpected accidents, an emergency dispatch can be made through the Seac Pai Van Water Purification Works to ensure stable water supply,” Kuan said.

According to the company, in case of crises at water treatment plants or other water supply facilities on the Macau peninsula, the Seac Pai Van Water Treatment Plant can be used for emergency water supply dispatch.

“These crucial water supply facilities can effectively ensure the safety and stability of water supply in Macau and thereby lays a solid foundation for the future development of the city,” the company’s executive director stated.

The company hopes to cash a profit of MOP70 million in 2017, an increase by 7.5 percent compared with the previous year.

Annual water consumption in Macau reached 88.436 million cubic meters in 2017, with an increase of over 2 percent compared to the previous year.

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