Macau Motorcycle GP: Hickman, Rutter cruise to win race, three laps short

British driver Peter Hickman won the Motorcycle Grand Prix for the third time today (Saturday), followed by fellow countryman Michael Rutter.

The race was interrupted at lap 9 (of 12) after an accident involving drivers Ben Wylie (Bimota BB3) and Phillip Crowe (BMW S 1000 RR) at Fisherman’s Bend. The organisers decided to end the race then without a restart.

The Grand Prix Organisation Committee said Crowe wasn’t hospitalised “by his own volition.” Wylie decided to go to the public hospital to be under observation as precaution, but he’s out of danger, the officials added.

The race was overwhelmingly dominated by the two riders of Aspire-Ho team.

At the post event press conference, Hickman said, “Michel [Rutter] had a much better start than me this year, which is usual. Last year was unusual for him. He’s always good off the line. I was quite happy just following him. He started getting away a little bit and I could hear the Ducati behind [Jessopp].”

Hickman won the big bikes GP for the third time in a race which saw 8-time Guia champion, Michael (The Blade) Rutter take the lead in the initial laps.

“After the third lap I got my head down a little bit and started closing the gap,” said Hickman who from then on lead the race till its abrupt end, three laps short.

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