Macau wins second medal in 2018 Asian Games

Wushu athlete Li Yi

Yesterday, Macau won its second medal at the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia.

Wushu athlete Li Yi won a silver medal in the women’s Changquan category, scoring a total of 9.72 points.

The gold medal winner was an athlete from mainland China, who beat Li Yi by 0.02 points. The bronze medal went to a Vietnamese athlete.

Fellow Macau Changquan athlete So Cho Man came fourth.

On the same day, local Wushu athlete Cheong Pui Seng participated in Taichi and the Taichi sword competition. Unfortunately, he missed out on a medal and scored a total 19.18 points, with 9.6 points for Taichi and 9.58 points for Taichi sword.

Macau had already won two medals. On Tuesday, Wushu athlete Huang Junhua won a gold medal in the men’s Nanquan-Nangun category.

Macau is ranked 14th on the medal table so far, with China, Japan and Korea occupying the top three table positions.

Yesterday, Macau athletes also competed in swimming, bowling, and Wushu competitions. Macau’s boxing team also arrived in Jakarta to prepare for the competition.

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