Mandatory annual lift inspection suggested

The Association of Synergy of Macao held a press conference yesterday questioning the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT)’s supervision over lift safety. The association said that it would report to the Commission Against Corruption (CCAC) regarding DSSOPT’s mismanagement.

Lam U Tou, president of the association, said that upon his association inspecting eight buildings in Coloane, Taipa, and Macau peninsula, it was found that despite these buildings having elevator safety certificates, only one could be confirmed on DSSOPT’s website.

Chui Ming Man, member of the consultative council of the community service of the central district, suggests the government should implement mandatory annual elevator checks.

According to Lam, Macau currently has approximately 8,000 elevators. However, only around 2,500 elevators are being checked annually, with the checks also being reported to DSSOPT.

Lam noted that DSSOPT only samples 5 percent of the elevators that are declared to DSSOPT. Those that are not declared are not included among the bureau’s sample candidates.

Chui hopes that with the annual checks, users’ safety can be ensured.   

Last week, a child was squeezed by an elevator door, which lifted him off the floor. The boy sustained light injuries.

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