Mapping a new city | The Hengqin we see from Macau

The A1 district of Hengqin seen in the center background behind Macau’s Sai Van Bridge

According to the Hengqin new district city master plan 2014-2020, the under-construction city to Macau’s west will be divided into 10 sections, each with its own designated function.

Directly opposite of the Special Administrative Region are the central business district (A1+A2), port service zone (B) and the education zone (C), but further inland lie the leisure and tourism zone (D), ecological landscape zone (E), international residence community (F), high-tech research zone (G), culture and creativities zone (H), science and research (I), and integrated service zone (J).

Activity on Hengqin’s eastern coast – or zones A through C – might be the most noticeable for those on the Macau side and yet, still, very little is known about these fast-growing skyscrapers. The Times explored the neighboring island to learn more about the urban projects dotting its coast.


Zone A1 has been designated the ‘financial island’. In Zone A1, there will also be the E Fund Management Financial Building (264 meters tall, 56 floors), China Railway Construction Corporation Limited Building, Hengqin Financial Media Center, China Communications Construction Company Ltd Hengqin Plaza (310 meters tall, 65 floors), China Communications Construction Company Ltd Financial Center (200 meters tall, 42 floors), and the Hong Kong-Macau Financial Center.

The Hengqin International Financial Center, located in the Hengqin District of the Central Business District of Zhuhai Cross Gate (A1+A2), set a new record with its inauguration, becoming the tallest building in Zhuhai. The whole project spans a construction area of about 200,000 square meters and a maximum height of 333 meters. It has four floors underground and 69 floors above ground.

It represents a new generation of multi-functional complexes in Zhuhai, integrating international standard Grade A office buildings, modern exhibitions and comprehensive business facilities.

Meanwhile, boasting a site area of 11,752 square meters, the Hengqin Financial Headquarters will offer a food and beverage facility and serviced apartments.

With a site area of 9,679 square meters, the Hengqin International Exchange Square is a building with 48 stories above ground and four underground, and it will be 200 meters tall.

An investment project of the mainland’s Huakai Group, the exchange square will have offices, commercial-serviced apartments and public spaces.

Standing 250 meters tall, the Hengqin Financial Lease Center is an investment of the Shenzhen Hualong Group.


The Hengqin Meiqin Properties Ltd Investment Project was once reported to be a luxury real estate development, however, there are also reports by mainland media indicating it will become a commercial project which will offer offices and malls.

Irrespective of what the project will turn out to be, it is worth noting that there is a reserved connection channel between Macau and Hengqin right next to the Meiqin investment project (shown on the map as a yellow star).

According to Meiqin group’s advertisement, the channel is a planned underwater tunnel between Macau and Hengqin, and it will be used as the second port between the two regions. Official sources have not confirmed what the channel will be used for.

The site area is 23,012 square meters, including two office towers, underground commercial space and a parking lot. The developer claimed to have invited designers from the Singapore to plan a green space straight on the building.

South of the Meiqin project is Huace International Building. It is the headquarters of Huace Group, and it covers an area of about 14,310 square meters and a total construction area of 113,214 square meters.

It is said to be imagined as a pleasing artistic landmark for Hengqin. It is also expected to become an international Grade A business center integrating business, office and exhibitions.

The Zhuhai Shenhua Group Headquarters will be composed of four distinguished elements: the headquarters and technical research office building, a high-ranked hotel building, a large- scale conference room, and a multi-floor shopping mall.

The shopping mall has a surface area of 61,304 sqm and each floor is around 16,000 square meters. The headquarters building is 60,527 square meters, while the research building and development has an area of 60,483 square meters and is located on the southern edge of the land plot. The total height of the building is 150 meters. The hotel building is 60,504 square meters in total, with 8,642 square meters dedicated to service functions in the podium and 51,863 square meters dedicated to the rooms in the tower.


The Huafa Plaza is expected to become one of the most dynamic destinations on Hengqin Island. When finished, it will accommodate over 300,000 square meters of boutique retail, food and beverage facilities and office space. The construction phase of the project is expected to be complete in 2019.

The Phoenix Tree Tower does not stand on its own designated land plot, as there are also other projects in the same area. The Phoenix Tree Tower will be a 188-meter tall building with a total of 40 stories above ground and four floors underground. The tree tower occupies an area of 25,000 square meters and has a total floor area inside of 160,000 square meters.

It has been advertised as a seven-star hotel, office building and shopping mall and has a commercial helicopter pad on its roof.

Behind the Phoenix Tree Tower is the Hengqin International Business Service Basement. Located on A2, which is to the north of the Cross-Gate, there will be the Zhuhai International Convention center, Zhuhai International Business Center, Sheraton Hotel, St. Regis Hotel, and a theater developed by Zhuhai Huafa Group.

Located on Zone A1, which is to the south of the Cross Gate, there will be Hengqin Ferretti Asia-Pacific Center project, started on December 16, 2015, with a total investment of RMB3 billion.

The center will set up a high- end Ferretti yacht sales center exhibition center and sailing school. A yacht port will cover an area of more than 70,000 square meters and supporting equipment will also be included.

The rest of the port service zone will include the Hengqin port, integrated transportation hub, a financial center, and Nam Kwong Group integrated building. Julie Zhu, Hengqin

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