MELCO brings development opportunities to the table for local SMEs

Melco welcomes 100 Macau SME representatives to a food and beverage-themed event under its “Knowing You, Knowing Us” campaign

Melco Resorts and Entertainment inaugurated the “Knowing You, Knowing Us” campaign to serve as a communications platform between SMEs and Melco. Not only does the campaign help local Macau SMEs get to know Melco and its employees, as well as the company’s operational requirements and standards, but Melco also gets to know more about local suppliers, their businesses, services and offerings.

As part of this ongoing endeavor, Melco hosted its first food and beverage-themed event under the campaign titled under  “To the Table by SMEs” to discuss food safety and hygiene standards with local businesses, and to provide an opportunity for direct dialogue between SMEs, the Melco culinary team, as well as the company’s food and beverage outlet representatives.

At the event organized by the company’s supply chain department, Melco’s senior management executives welcomed nearly 100 local industry representatives from 60 Macau SMEs, including members of the Macau Union Suppliers Association and Macao Chamber of Commerce specializing in a broad range of food and beverage categories such as meats and seafood, fruits and vegetables, dry and frozen groceries, ready-to-eat foods, and Beverages.

“We partner with Melco on vegetable recycling and delivery, and this event enables local suppliers the chance to meet with many of the 60 Melco food and beverage outlets whose needs could match our services,” says Jeff Chan, Managing Director of Lei Kei Limited.

“The event also allows us to better cater to each of the chef’s needs. We appreciate that Melco provides continuous support and training to local SMEs for mutual growth. As a Macau-based enterprise, these trainings comprise beneficial information which allow us to keep up with the industry and international standards as our company grows with Melco and the local integrated resorts industry. For example, with guidance from Melco, we have developed a new product; a biodegradable plastic bag which minimizes damage to the environment,” he adds.

Following a seminar discussing the company’s food safety and hygiene standards presented by the Melco team, over 40 of the company’s chefs from the its award-winning culinary team, together with representatives from Melco’s renowned outlets, previewed products and services brought in by SMEs for further discussion. Both SME representatives and Melco colleagues expressed that the event was helpful as an invaluable opportunity to share the latest market trends and better understand each other’s requirements and offerings, as well as to discuss prospective collaboration opportunities for the future.

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