Melco Deploying Volunteers – Simple Acts of Kindness

Melco’s Simple Acts of Kindness philosophy is based on the principle that little things have a big impact, and each person can do something to touch people’s hearts. Lawrence Ho, Melco’s Chairman and CEO, encouraged and deployed colleagues to volunteer during work hours and support the community. Since the beginning of May, up to 10 volunteer activities happened daily, with up to 150 volunteers being deployed each day. Below are activities taken place on May 20:

In early May, over 200 Melco volunteers created handmade Mother’s Day cards with hand-written messages for each of the 200 residents of Cheng Chong Building.
To observe social distancing, the volunteers delivered the cards to the elderly in small groups throughout the week. “I thought this year we would not have young people coming to celebrate Mother’s Day with us because of the virus. We love it when volunteers from Melco come visit, they’re always energetic and caring. I can’t believe they made these cards one by one, I’m very happy!” said Ms. Yao, resident of Cheng Chong Building.

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