Melco leads as world’s first and only operator with Responsible Gaming accreditation RG Check across global portfolio

99.9% of management and non-management colleagues completed RG training

Melco Resorts & Entertainment is dedicated to being the industry leader for the promotion of Responsible Gaming (RG). The Company continues to inculcate the importance of RG among colleagues and the community – supporting the Macau government’s promotion of Responsible Gaming. To date, Melco’s RG Activities have garnered more than 100,000 participants.

Melco was the world’s first operator to require mandatory RG training for all colleagues, both gaming and non-gaming, management and non-management, to ensure that all colleagues, regardless of their position, understand their role in the promotion of RG culture. Since Melco opened its first integrated resort, 173,000 colleague participants have received RG training globally to help raise awareness among colleagues, guests and the community at large.

In December 2021, Melco became the world’s first and only operator to receive the esteemed RG Check Responsible Gaming accreditation across its global portfolio, with scores in RG policy, Strategy and Culture achieving above industry average in recognition of its strong responsible gaming leadership and comprehensive and integrated approach to building a responsible gaming culture. 

“Providing a safe and fair gaming experience for guests continues to be at the core of the Company’s commitment to society. The sustainable development and continued implementation of a Responsible Gaming culture is prioritized within every jurisdiction that we operate,” said Lawrence Ho, Chairman & CEO of Melco.

Melco’s Responsible Gaming Committee is personally led by its executive sponsor Lawrence Ho, who drives the Company RG strategy by working with management executives on the inter-departmental committee to implement related policies. Leaders of Melco’s gaming and non-gaming divisions, as well as those of all its properties, are represented on the committee, which meets quarterly to provide strategic directions for all RG programs, while additional working committees meet more frequently for the implementation of related measures.

In 2017, Melco launched its advanced responsible gaming training program for all colleagues, and in January 2021, its advanced digital learning program to enable greater accessibility for colleagues. To date, approximately 15,000 Melco colleagues have completed the advanced training. In 2020, Melco also launched its annual RG refresher training for colleagues, striving to do more by going above and beyond the government’s biennial refresher training requirement.

Also, Melco continues to host a range of innovative and wide-reaching RG activities, including regular training, roadshows and internal promotional videos to enhance colleague awareness and provide information on the Company’s latest RG policies. In 2021, Melco achieved record colleague participation for both on-property and digital RG activities.

Globally to date, Melco has a team of more than 800 qualified front-line RG Ambassadors who are available onsite at Melco properties 24/7, and who serve as departmental contact points for all RG-related issues. RG Ambassador responsibilities include identifying and detecting actual or suspected abnormal gaming behavior, providing proactive consultation services and professional support for relevant guests.

Moreover, in 2021, twelve additional colleagues completed the government-sponsored Macau Responsible Gaming Advisors (MRGA) program, a specialized external certificate program developed by Macau’s Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ), University of Macau, Macao Polytechnic Institute and IAS, to bring Melco’s MRGA-accredited colleague total to 76.

In support of the Macau government’s ‘Responsible Gambling Promotion 2021’ organized by DICJ in partnership with the Social Welfare Bureau (IAS) and the Institute for the Study of Commercial Gaming of the University of Macau, close to 7,700 Melco colleague participants have visited the ‘Lost Control, Lose Family’-themed RG education booths situated across the Company’s properties. A digital quiz to further promote the government’s RG message attracted participation from over 13,000 Melco colleagues.

To further promote the importance of RG culture among the colleagues and the community, Melco collaborated with Macao Gaming Industry Employees Home to set up quarterly RG promotional roadshows, games and counseling services in its employee Heart of House areas, as well as supporting further social promotions. The Company also cooperated with Youth Volunteers Association of Macau (AJVM) and S.K.H. Macau Social Services Coordination Office to set up internal RG promotion roadshows in 2021.

Last month, to continue spreading RG awareness among the community, the Melco volunteer team helped local NGOs distribute leaflets while explaining RG principles to around 600 tourists and residents. Furthermore, the Company will soon be introducing more bi-monthly workshops for women through its “Art of Living” lifestyle series, which was first launched in 2018, with themed classes in flower arrangement, cooking and dessert -making, to name a few, while promoting the importance of healthy gaming and RG culture to the community. 


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