Melco Simple Acts of Kindness 2.0 initiatives led by Lawrence Ho

16,000 CSR participants in 1,100 volunteer activitiesBenefiting elderlies, children and SMEs from the local community

Since 2020, Melco Resorts & Entertainment Chairman & CEO Mr. Lawrence Ho has deployed the company’s workforce en masse to support the local community during work hours, encouraging colleagues to care for the community through Simple Acts of Kindness. The philosophy is based on the principle that little things can have big impact, and each person can do something to touch people’s hearts. 

In 2021, the company recorded well over 16,000 CSR participations in more than 1,100 volunteer activities – benefiting elderlies, children, SMEs and more from the local community through collaborations with local NGOs and Melco’s community partners.

This year, Simple Acts of Kindness 2.0 continues brings warmth and care to the local community. Recently, Mr. Lawrence Ho and Melco Chief Advisor Dr. Kent Wong were joined by dozens of volunteers in a visit to Macao Federation of Trade Union (FAOM) Coloane Ka Ao Elderly Nursing Home. The volunteers were welcomed by FAOM Chairman, Mr. Lee Chong Cheng; Dean of Ka Ho Nursing Home, Ms. Ung Vai Ha and Deputy Dean, Ms. Lau Wing Sze. After appreciating volunteers’ performances for the elderly beneficiaries, Mr. Ho participated in a board game with the seniors, learning first-hand how the game helps to exercise their cognitive skills.

After the visit, Mr. Ho and the volunteers went to Hak Sa Beach to help at a cleanup – clearing rubbish and debris in cooperation with Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM). He said, “As a company that was born in Macau, it is crucial to give back to the community. When the pandemic hit in 2020, we launched ‘Simple Acts of Kindness’ to encourage colleagues to participate in volunteerism. In 2020, over 8,000 colleague participants have taken part in volunteering, it makes me proud to see that in 2021, that number has doubled to over 16,000.” 

Separately, Mr. Ho and Dr. Kent Wong led a further team of Melco volunteers in a visit to the UGAMM Lok Chun Center last week. They were welcomed by UGAMM’s Deputy Chairman and Secretary General Mr. Mok Wai Seng. Mr. Ho and the volunteers participated in a play session with children of UGAMM members, where volunteers dressed as clowns taught the children the art of balloon twisting. After successfully creating balloon poodles with his young teammate, Mr. Ho presented gifts to the children attendees, adding, “I wish to thank our community partners for their year-round service to the Macau community. I thank my colleagues for their participation and encourage more colleagues to actively participate in volunteering activities to give back to the community, it is very rewarding.”

Over the past four months, to support the local community and SMEs in Macau, Melco volunteers actively reached out to 37,420 households and 1,980 SMEs in the Altira and Mocha neighborhoods, mobilizing more than 500 volunteers to provide assistance, including in cleaning and disinfection, arranging warehouses and storefronts, helping with small repair works and other support. A total of around 100 support tasks have been carried out so far – helping local enterprises and neighborhood communities with anti-epidemic efforts through leveraging support from community partners such as UGAMM.

Furthermore, to strengthen the health protection and well-being of children in Macau, Melco Simple Acts of Kindness volunteers have assisted seven local schools and nurseries, including Kwong Tai Middle School Macau, Escola Dom João Paulino, Escola Estrela do Mar, Macau Caritas School, Sacred Heart Canossian College Chinese Section, Creche I da Associação das Mulheres Oriundas de Fukien de Macau and  Centro De Educacao Cenoura on cleaning and disinfection. Since last November, volunteers have dedicated a total of 200 service hours to the cause, contributing to a safer living environment in Macau.

Additionally, to send warmth and care to the elderly at the Peng On Tung Center Tele-Assistant Services Center, UGAMM – Cheng I Elderly Integrated Service Center – Cheng Chong Building and FAOM Centro de Dia “Chong Pak Chi Ka” during a recent cold spell, Melco volunteers delivered and donated blankets to the elderly to help them battle the winter weather.  Volunteer participant and Assistant Director of Mocha Operations, Mr. Michael Chiu, said, “I realized that small, simple acts can make the elderly feel warm and cared for. I hope more fellow colleagues will join and participate in such meaningful volunteering organized by the company.”

Melco’s proactive and innovative CSR initiatives, as highlighted by its ongoing Simple Acts of Kindness initiative, has been recognized by 2020 Industry Community Awards as winner of the ‘Community Award – Asia’. The company was also named ‘Outstanding Corporate for Volunteerism’ for the third consecutive year by Association of Volunteers Social Service Macao. 


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