Melco SME Academy contributes to the sustainable development of local enterprises

Melco Resorts & Entertainment sees supporting local Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as an integral part of the company’s business strategy. The Melco approach aims to identify and implement opportunities to enhance the sustainable economic prosperity of local suppliers and SMEs.
Established in 2017, the Melco SME Academy aims to enhance local SME prosperity and help local businesses succeed. It is designed to help SMEs become better equipped in the face of challenge and to seize opportunities through an array of training and business development initiatives on diverse topics as occupational safety and health (OSH), ISO and other international standards, sustainability, ethics and food safety and hygiene.
Over the past six months, a dozen workshops have been hosted at the Melco SME Academy to provide training to approximately 180 representatives from local SMEs of various industries. Experts from relevant fields were invited to the workshops to share the latest news and information with attendees, enabling SMEs with enhanced competitiveness through knowledge, to overcome current challenges and seize forthcoming opportunities.Mr. Pato Kuan of Global Ka Ming International Enterprise Company Limited, a local supplier who recently participated in a Melco SME Academy training workshop, said: “I was glad to join the sustainability training provided by Melco with my two business partners. As a local SME supplier in Macau, it’s important that we stay up to date with trends in international sustainable development as we make efforts to improve our corporate social responsibilities. The course was colorfully taught by two lecturers, and we’ve benefited a lot from the course contents. Thanks again to Melco for providing this valuable platform for mutual learning and communication.”

Sustainable development and corporate social responsibility have become key development indicators in the global business community. Melco considers the promotion of sustainable development to supply chain partners as one of the company’s most important corporate responsibilities and provides regular sustainability and ethics training to local SMEs. Aside from introducing Melco’s sustainable development strategy “Above & Beyond”, experts also share the latest news and related information on international standards and regulations to promote the importance of sustainable development for the continued growth of SMEs and industries, allowing SMEs to better plan for long-term development and enhance competitiveness.
The content of the ethics training introduces Melco’s code of business conduct, and colleagues from the Melco supply chain department also share details of the company’s fast track payment initiative – Express Payment Scheme – where all eligible local SME vendors are paid within 14 days of receipt of deliverables. The aim of the scheme is to provide full support to ease local SME cash flow pressures and to work closely with local SMEs in overcoming the challenges and difficulties of these unprecedented times.

Recognizing the significance of meeting international food safety standards to ensure the wellbeing of guests as well as the sustainable development and success of food suppliers, the Melco SME Academy also provides food safety and hygiene workshops to local SMEs. Contents include information on food hazards, the latest industry-related news on the novel coronavirus, food traceability and best practices, as well as regulations and international standards to help improve food safety.
Sustainable procurement is also key to the sustainable prosperity and development of local enterprises and related industries. As such, Melco has hosted related workshops and invited external speakers from organizations such as the Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center (CPTTM) to share knowledge with local suppliers. Contents include the environmental impact and reusability of products and services, the role of SMEs in a sustainable supply chain, consumer sustainability awareness and changing consumption habits. The events wrap up with a business matching session, where representatives from Melco’s supply chain department and participants have a chance for further discussions on sustainable procurement products and solutions and to promote potential collaboration opportunities.

Ms. Augusta Vargas-Prada, Melco’s Vice President of Supply Chain, said, “Melco has long been committed to working together with local SMEs for the sustainable and diversified development of Macau. We understand the current economic environment poses many challenges for SMEs, and so the workshops and initiatives available at the Melco SME Academy aim to provide local SMEs with additional technical knowledge – helping them become better equipped for forthcoming opportunities.”

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