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MGM and MYEIC Introduce Smart Solutions Used in Integrated Resort to Young Entrepreneurs

The second edition of “MGM x MYEIC Young Entrepreneur Nurturing Program” (Program) went into its second sharing session, “Smart Hotel Led by Technologies”. The session enabled nearly a hundred of local young entrepreneurs and representatives of SMEs to learn about the smart solutions used in an integrated resort. Participants were given some insights and directions to enhance their projects, in order to establish business partnership with large enterprises like MGM.

Prior to the sharing session, both parties organized a business matching session to selected young entrepreneurs, where they were given opportunities to promote their business projects to MGM.

The sharing session was hosted by Winnie Ho, Assistant Vice President of Digital and Information Technologies of MGM, where she introduced the Company’s information technology services, as well as its applications on the enhancement of customer experience, internal communications, and continuing education programs for team members. In her sharing, Ho stressed the contributions of young entrepreneurs, who have introduced many innovative projects to accelerate the rapid development of various areas of business. On the other hand, MGM also gives its undivided support to young entrepreneurs – that the Company prefers to work with young entrepreneurs over large or overseas enterprises, and even commits in resources to help bettering their business and services.

Moving onto the Q&A session, Chris Wong, Director of Digital Bay, who has established a successful partnership with MGM through the Program, shared his collaboratinos with MGM. A start-up specialized in developing mini programs on Wechat, Digital Bay has developed several Wechat mini games for MGM, which have received positive feedbacks from users and customers. Winnie Ho gave good recognition to Digital Bay for their attentiveness and determination in seeking solutions, as well as their excellent after-sales services, which made them stand out from the crowd. She also encouraged young entrepreneurs to be more open-minded when trying to establish partnerships with large enterprises, and more importantly, provide tailor-made solutions to cater their needs.

The event was concluded with a guided tour to the Spectacle and MGM Theater of MGM COTAI, which enabled participants to know about the advanced technologies and smart solutions used in the venues. Participants including young entrepreneurs working in online marketing, cruise control for drones, e-commerce and blockchain technology, all agreed that the session has offered insightful knowledge. They also found it insightful to learn about the purchasing standards of large enterprises.

Co-organized by MGM, Parafuturo de Macau (PFM Macau) and MYEIC, as well as supported by a lineup of local youth associations, “MGM x MYEIC Young Entrepreneur Nurturing Program” aims to continue supporting the growth of young entrepreneurs and SMEs.


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