Barra District "Summer Hype" Series with Cultural Tourism Elements Galore, Joining Hands with Young Entrepreneurs to Create a Vibrant District

MGM Brings Summer Mega Event Excitement to Barra District: Establishing A Walkable Lifestyle Destination in Trend

Guests of Honor of the event took part in the ribbon-cutting opening ceremony of “BERTILO Drifts in Barra” at Barra District.

MGM has launched the Barra District “Summer Hype” Series Event this July, marking a new milestone in the area’s revitalization progress. This exciting series features not only an array of international art events. It also sees MGM collaborating with local budding SMEs and creative partners, transforming Barra District into a vibrant hub brimming with trendy, artistic, leisure and retail activities. Through this initiative, MGM strives to foster a broader synergy with various sectors of society, to jointly integrate Barra District into the everyday lives of Macau — jointly creating an inclusive space where residents, tourists, and even pets can revel in its countless joy and warmth. The series embodies the spirit of “co-building and sharing,” as the most pivotal catalyst for the sustainable development of Barra District.

MGM today hosted a Sharing Session around the “Summer Hype” Series Event at Navy Yard No. 2, with various partners sharing insights into collaborative revitalization endeavors.

To enhance public understanding of Barra District’s revitalization and community engagement efforts, MGM today hosted a dedicated Sharing Session around the  “Summer Hype” Series Event at Navy Yard No. 2, with various partners sharing insights and aspirations into collaborative revitalization endeavors. During the sharing, Nono Leong, founding president of the Macao Illustrators Association, expressed excitement about co-hosting an impactful visual design competition revolving around urban enhancement, which will invitepublic participation to infuse Barra District with fresh artistic energy. Besides, Billy Kuok, co-founder of Macau’s fashion retail brand THE BIG APPLE, shared how he pioneers new business models under this initiative, leading to his brand’s first “Retail x Art” fusion project. Wallace Chan, representing the local tea brand “HoHo HotCha” talked about the opportunities and challenges for young entrepreneurs in Macau, highlighting how this partnership in a creative food truck has expanded his trendy tea offerings from the old town to Barra District. The session attracted over 80 guests, including government officials, local youth entrepreneurs, and prominent figures from the arts and culture sectors.

Catarina Lio, Senior Vice President of Brand Marketing of MGM, said, “A District’s revitalization requires community collaboration. This is especially true for Barra District which is a brand-new area in Macau. Its transformation relies on the city’s collective effort. MGM would like to thank the Macao SAR government for its continuous support, enabling us to initiate many cultural events since the beginning of this year. And now, we are devoted to strengthening our partnerships across sectors, and leveraging our corporate resources to help Macau’s young entrepreneurs and talents attain their breakthroughs in cross-disciplinary innovations. Together, we aspire to enrich the district with captivating cultural tourism elements. Macau is an ideal walkable city. I encourage both residents and visitors to experience Barra District through Citywalk routes, experiencing its makeover only made possible by community efforts and Macau’s neighborly warmth.”

Ao Ieong U, Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture of the Macao SAR Government and other distinguished guests took a tour around the food truck area.

Leong Wai Man, Director of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, said, “In the past, revitalization projects primarily involved only the government and property owners. Now, with the involvement of MGM and a variety of SMEs, the revitalization of Barra district has reached a new dimension, allowing for closer cooperation and innovative models. Although Barra district is a historical area, its future holds many possibilities, and can host a wide range of creative projects. I believe future revitalization happenings here will combine the rich historical and cultural elements of the district injected with innovative elements, gradually sparking a new wave of vitality to the district.”

Following the Sharing Session, MGM hosted the opening ceremony for its lead-off event —a large-scale public inflatable art installation titled “BERTILO Drifts in Barra” at Barra District. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was graced by Ao Ieong U, Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture of the Macao SAR Government; Yin Rutao, Deputy Director of the Department of Publicity and Culture of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Macao SAR; Ho Ioc San, Chief of Office of the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture;Leong Wai Man, Director of the Cultural Affairs Bureau; Hoi Io Meng, Acting Director of the Macao Government Tourism Office; Bertil Butturini and Jingo Li, the creative duo of “BERTILO Drifts in Barra“; Kenneth Feng, President and Executive Director of MGM China Holdings Limited; and Catarina Lio, Senior Vice President of Brand Marketing of MGM. The duo later shared their bespoke public art concept crafted especially for Lago da Barra.

Four Artistic Pillars Carving Out New Paths for SMEs

The Barra District “Summer Hype” Series Event is comprised of four major artistic pillars – They are novel landmarks in Macau with “contemporary, trendy, artistic, and lifestyle” elements. Seizing this mega event, MGM aims to expand its corporate network and resources to empower local SMEs with cross-sector integration capabilities. Additionally, MGM maximizes various processes within revitalization to mobilize SMEs of different industries, providing young local entrepreneurs with new business avenues. MGM doubles down on taking the leading role to help foster growth and collaborative success with SMEs.

The “BERTILO Drifts in Barra” art installation is shaping Barra District into an adorable pink photo-taking hotspot.

In July, the “BERTILO Drifts in Barra” art installation is shaping Lago da Barra into an adorable pink photo-spot. MGM teams up with local bus company to co-launch 10 pink-themed buses, spreading the charm of the “pink chubby Italian” all over Macau. The Company also collaborates with local F&B SMEs to offer exclusive pink-themed snacks, including Pink Chubby Burger Sticks, Pink Chubby Summer Ice Cream, Canal cover-shaped Pink Grills, and Chubby Custard Bun Drinks. These are to help SMEs boost their business opportunities.

Also in July, MGM will open the newly-revitalized former Barra slaughterhouse site – where the Company will collaborate with the Cultural Affairs Bureau and the renowned Centre Pompidou from France to launch the “Fantastic Art World from Centre Pompidou: The Plantamouves”. This art exhibition is specially designed for children, enabling Macau’s kids and their parents to “co-craft” a vibrant giant art installation using light, color, and lines. This creative space in Barra District serves not only as a playground but also as an interactive educational platform to nurture children’s artistic potential.

To strengthen the public connection with Barra District, MGM will join hands with the Macao Illustrators Association in July to co-organize the “Barra District Visual Identity Design Contest“. This innovative approach is intended to create a unique visual symbol system for Barra District. With community creative co-creation, the competition aims to revitalize the maritime history and industrial heritage of the area.

In August, MGM will partner with Macau’s fashion retail brand THE BIG APPLE, which marks its 10th anniversary this year, to jointly bring in famous Japanese artist Matsui to host his first illustration exhibition in Macau named “Matsui’s the dog exhibition“. The event will come with themed dining and fashionable retail elements, infusing a fun lifestyle into Barra District. MGM will also extend its efforts to create a pet-friendly space in the area.

This summer, MGM cordially invites everyone to dive into Barra District’s cultural and lifestyle charm, enjoying countless fun-filled experiences. For more details on the activities, please visit:


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