MGM, Café Dilly officially sign partnership agreement

Gaming operator MGM and Charlestrong Café Companhia Limitada hosted a product release and contract signing yesterday at the Portuguese-speaking Countries Food Products Exhibition Center to officially mark their partnership.
Charles Shi, Chairman of Charlestrong Café Companhia Limitada, and Simon Leong, Executive Director of Purchasing of MGM, signed the co-operation agreement.
The gaming operator has pledged to purchase organic East Timor specialty coffee products from local brand Café Dilly, which are now available for guests staying at the villas of MGM’s two properties.
The coffee brand’s products are now on sale and drip coffees are served at Pastry Bar and Anytime at MGM Macau and MGM Cotai respectively.
The local SME sources organic coffee beans from the Southeast Asian Portuguese-speaking country East Timor. With its own coffee farm in East Timor, the company stepped onto the local specialty coffee bandwagon by establishing the Macau brand Café Dilly and opening a factory, which produces locally processed specialty coffee products, in the last year.
Shi aims to promote the products as souvenirs in addition to the city’s current Portuguese egg tarts and almond cookies.
Shi has previously said that that there is demand for high quality of coffee in Macau, noting that there are only a few companies that process organic coffee.
Leong commented, “this collaboration exemplifies MGM’s commitment to the development of local SMEs, bringing in quality products of Portuguese-speaking countries to Macau, and utilizing our platform to promote local brands.”
Some Macau companies have already established long-term trade partnerships with Portuguese-speaking countries, as the city has been encouraged to play a long-term role as a bridge and platform for such trade.

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