MGM Gathers Community to Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Macau SAR

Since its establishment in 2010, the Golden Lion Volunteer Team has served 26,300 members of our community in over 730 community service projects under the leadership of the management, who have set a great example for all team members. To date, the Team has accumulated over 60,000 volunteering hours, outperforming its industry peers in terms of volunteer hours per employee. This year, the Team has organized the “7th MGM Community Care Campaign”, where 300 volunteers rolled their sleeves to serve the community members of all ages and created lots of heart-warming moments to remember.


Out of all events from “MGM Community Care Campaign”, “Love Moments” has to be the most special and significant event to all. In this year of Double Celebration, MGM brought back “Love Moments”, where the Company invited 20 elderly couples for their first-ever wedding photos taken under the Spectacle roof of MGM COTAI, Macau’s first architectural and structural GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ titleholder.

Elderly couples are invited from the Women’s General Association of Macau, Caritas Macau as well as from MGM employees’ family. Their average age is over 70 with around 50 years of marriage; all have witnessed the rapid development of new China and the glorious days of the past 20 years of Macau’s handover to China.  Among them, the oldest couple are 92 and 81 years old, and the longest marriage is 62 years. Throughout the event, MGM volunteers took extra care of the couples, from photo-shooting, fitting to styling, engaging in the entire shooting with passion.

“I got married when I was 20, now I am  81. I had no wedding ceremony when my husband and I got married.  I would now have the chance to enjoy having tea with my grandchildren and to share our wedding photos. They need to see how stylish their grandparents can be!” said Cheong Iun Mui, the eldest bride of the group.

Ms. Pansy Ho, Co-Chairperson & Executive Director of MGM China Holdings Limited said, “Every elderly couple of Love Moments has contributed so much of their lives to building our city brick by brick, and their hard-working spirit shall always be appreciated and inherited to the future generations. In this loving city, we express our sincere respect by utilizing our diligence, creativity and love to make them look perfect on their Big Day. These late wedding photos do not only bring blessings and joy to them, but also ever lasting memories.”


The well-appreciated activity “Weaving for Warmth” has made its return since 2011. Last time, team members of MGM have knitted and donated 1,000 scarves in total to the community in need; this year, the team has doubled their target to 2,000 scarves in celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Macau SAR. The activity has received high interested from team members of different levels, departments, ages and gender, where 400 signed up within a week after its launch. The scarves will be donated to various community service organizations this winter, spreading the love to every corner our city.

Carll Lin from Stewarding  has also joined the line, “I have never knitted in my life since it has always been labelled as a girly activity. With the encouragement of my colleagues, clear tutorial provided by the organizing team members and not having to worry about finding yarns and needles, I easily got the hang of it in no time. In just a month, I have already completed 7 out of 10 scarves that I have pledged to knit. It is indeed a purposeful and fun activity to bring warmth to the people in need, and what is even better is that I have gained a new skill from it.”


“Dragon Boat Inclusion Experience” has been added to the lineup of the “MGM Community Care Campaign” this year in order to promote social inclusion. MGM Dragon Boat Team invited the athletes from Macau Special Olympics to paddle together. On the other hand, in the Macau Small Dragon Boat Mid-Autumn Festival Cup, MGM has teamed up with Fuhong to participate in “Macau Special Olympics Unified Dragon Boat Festive Tournament” and scored champion in the Silver Plate Category of the tournament.

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