MGM Rides Out the Storm of Epidemic with Macau

The outbreak of coronavirus has led to weeks of bitterness for both Mainland China and Macau. At this difficult time, MGM has launched a series of relief initiatives, proactively contributing to community-wide efforts to fight the epidemic with faith and unity. 

Donation to Hubei and Surgical Masks to Macau

In support of anti-epidemic measures for Hubei province, MGM donated MOP 20 million, made in coordination with the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in Macau, for the purchase of preventive and medical supplies, as well as urgently needed materials and equipment.

In view of Macau’s increasing demand for face masks, MGM donated 500,000 surgical masks to the Government to support their anti-epidemic initiatives. The Government thanked MGM for proactively fulfilling corporate social responsibility and fully supporting its initiatives to combat the epidemic.

Ms. Pansy Ho, Co-chairperson & Executive Director of MGM China Holdings Limited, expressed her gratitude to medical personnel for their unceasing effort and dedication to protect the public. She also felt sympathy for the families that were affected by the epidemic. In her view, Mainland China and Macau have demonstrated to the world that they go the extra mile to be a responsible world citizen. “Under the leadership of the Government, we should be able to overcome the storm if we stay united.” she said.

Distribute Supplies to Frontline Workers and Senior Citizens

Even though the epidemic has loused up the order of our city, a number of frontline workers are still committed themselves to serve the community, such as nursing home staffs, social workers, outreach teams and bus drivers. To show appreciation and protect them during their duty, MGM supplied the frontline staff of Macau Federation of Trade Unions (FAOM), General Union of Neighborhood Associations of Macau (UGAMM) and Caritas Macau with masks, disposable caps and other necessary items.

MGM also prepared 1,000 supply kits for solitary and vulnerable senior citizens, which were distributed by the above three associations. Each supply kit includes hand sanitizer, toilet paper, noodles, oatmeal and other daily necessities. The kits help sparing them the trouble of going out and thus reducing their risk of infection.

Lee Chong Cheng, Director General of FAOM, expressed his appreciation, “MGM’s donation of supplies is helpful, and at the same time a heart lifting act for frontline workers. The supplies, as a token of encouragement, will be distributed to our frontline colleagues and public bus drivers.”

Helps SMEs to Fight the Epidemic

Earlier this month, MGM became the first integrated resort operator to answer the government’s call to waive retail rents, announcing a 15-day rent-free period for its retail tenants.  Recently, MGM offered to extend the rent-free period for tenants in need to help them ride out the adversity. The Company will continue to support its SME tenants for as long as necessary, easing their rental and operational stress to ensure that their business will stand a good chance to recovery.

As the epidemic has also raised concern over the hygiene of public areas, it is important for all businesses to maintain a high standard of hygiene in order to restore the confidence of customers and employees. MGM has launched the “MGM SME Anti-Epidemic Support” program, a win-win initiative engaging a local SME cleaning company to carry out cleaning and sterilizing work for local SMEs to create a clean environment for a fresh start, which will significantly help them get their business back on track. The Company targets to help clean the shops, offices, warehouses and even business vehicles of 120 local SMEs in the next two months. In addition, hand sanitizers and wipes will be distributed to them, which will come in handy for their staff’s good personal hygiene.

Chloe Wong, Operation Manager of Food Mac, a frozen meat vendor, said, “Business hasn’t been easy recently, and like many SMEs in town, we are suffering from this epidemic situation and plagued by a long list of problems. It is generous of MGM to give a helping hand and clean 10,000 square feet of space encompassing our warehouse, office and shop. As part of the supply chain, I believe the entire chain will benefit from this program.”

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